Sunday, October 19, 2008

Football and Guest Appearances

Yesterday we headed out to watch Belle and Austin's football games. Why we waited until the coldest Saturday to do it, I don't know. We went armed with a full thermos of hot cocoa and heavy sweatshirts.

Austin plays for the C squad. He is really good! In the pictures Austin is number 44 and he has a red long sleeve shirt under his jersey and white shoes, that way we can pick him out!!

Waiting to get announced:

Getting ready to kick off:

They won!!!!!

Belle's game was cute. She plays flag football and from them reading the names off, I'm pretty sure she is the only girl on the team!

It had gotten dark, so the pictures aren't all that great-you can see her in this one, and I'm sharing even though it isn't an action shot. She's wearing black and pink:

After the games we headed to Lyz and Chris's (they live half a block away from the football fields) to steal some warmth from their fire (and get our teasing since Penn State-Chris's team beat Michigan). It was time to do my shot and Chris wanted the opportunity.

I of course made sure pictures were taken. So might want to stop reading here.

Drawing up the Lupron:

Injecting Lupron (check out Avery, I was holding her hand and had to keep reminding myself not to squeeze too hard!)

Injecting the Follistim:

Thanks Chris!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Chris that my team Ohio State will kick Jo Pa's butt!!!