Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Sucks...then it gets better :)

It will be a long post, as it is both my emotional feelings from yesterday, and bragging about the fun I eventually had :)

It took me alllllll day to drag my buns out of bed. It started around 6am with the alarm clock. The crying that is. Jenn couldn't watch me sob while I pulled my pants on and called me off of work. (Sorry Rodney and Matt). I proceeded to snuggle myself under the covers praying that they would save me from my broken heart. Didn't work. After an odd theory from Jenn involving people who like venison must also like mince meat (the theory failed) Lyz called to say "get your buns over here and carve pumpkins!" I begrudgingly agreed.

You see, a year ago I was skipping around the house in pj bottoms making a pot of baked potato soup and answering the doorbell until Jenn got home from work. In between stirring the pot, cooing over princesses and fake eeekkking at ghosts, I'd sit on the couch with my laptop. I perused various websites trying to find newborn Halloween costumes at post holiday savings. Thankfully I never bought one. If I had, I think it would have made yesterday a little harder knowing that a peepod, or flamingo, or chili pepper or something was missing. Nah, that couldn't have made it any harder, our sweet little boy was missing, and that is hard enough.

Anyway...I did have fun. I complain a lot that I am forced to "live for everyone else". I think it hit me (in the middle of a conversation about peanut butter sandwiches) that I need that. I need to be brought out in public and forced to act human. If I am forced to put the smile on my face, sometimes it becomes real.

Our evening started with pumpkin carving. **A reminder to self when we do have kids, don't bother asking Jenn to scoop guts.** She hates it. So we made a deal, she cuts off the lids, I scoop guts. The guts don't bother me all too much. I find it oddly refreshing to scoop out the seeds and stringy bits making the palate for a future jack-o-lantern. I got all Martha Stewart (as usual) and made a polka-dotted jack-o-lantern. Jenn made a ghost holding a candelabra, Avery's was a cat, Lyz made a silly face, and Chris made the grim reaper.

In the dark (Mine is to the left of Jenn's ghost--hard to see in the dark)

In the light:

(doesn't Chris make a beautiful fall arrangement?)

Once all the pumpkins were gutted Chris wondered allowed what pumpkin guts taste like..."Hey Jenn...would you drink it?" "Only if you add sugar"

Chris making his concoction:

Jenn drinking it:

Apparently there wasn't enough sugar as it was immediately spit into the sink:

Avery was a dinosaur (this picture is of her stomping):

She made it to about 7 houses before she was done...we carried her for a bit:

And then she was completely done. Until I had a brilliant idea. I said to her...what if we are too late, and the next house is out of candy? She looked up at me and said, well then we better hurry. We ran (well, I walked fast) to the next few houses. Our conversations along the way was "I wonder what will be at the next house??" It started normal, chocolate, Twizzlers, gum....then we got a bit more cream, cupcakes, peanut butter sandwiches. Imagine, if you will, the miserly old lady that hates giving out candy, but only does it to avoid egging. She puts a package of three Whoppers into Avery's bag who then looks up at me and says "well that isn't a cupcake". Priceless.

She also didn't seem to grasp the concept of take one. If she was told to take one, she took two. Take one of each=take two of each. But when told to take as much as she wanted because she is just too darn cute, she of course only took one. Silly girl.

Now, you've been reading here long enough to know that we are trouble makers. It is all fun and games until Jenn has to go and get arrested.

The police came: (you can see Jenn's pumpkin costume here)

Jenn beat up the police officer:

Then she got put in the back of the cruiser:

We plead sugar high, and the nice officer let her off.

On, and my costume? I wore a flamingo skirt (not a poodle skirt):


Anonymous said...

Well, I definitely understand the feelings you woke up with. I thought we would have a little one by this Halloween too. I think you are so amazing. I know how hard it is to pick yourself up, every day, and go out into the world with a smile on your face. And yet you always do it and you and Jenn continue to have fun adventures through it all. You are my hero.

JamieD said...

I love the flamingo skirt! That is too cute.

Glad to see Jen didn't get too roughed up by the fuzz . . . LOL!