Friday, November 14, 2008

Home Vacation, Day 1

We slept in a little bit this morning. It was nice, especially since I stayed up super late last night playing a silly game on Facebook so that I could be in first place (in our county)...I got it by one and then promptly passed out.

We headed out to Pizza Hut for lunch...yummy. Our local one has a great lunch buffet, which apparently the Amish know. They came in ten at a time. It was odd. They sucked that buffet dry! So every time I saw someone take a pizza out of the oven I'd go stand by the buffet and see if it was something Jenn and I like :)

After that we headed to Fashion Bug to see if they had any suits on special. Jenn has plenty of clothes, but they very often have great sales on their business suits, so we figured we would stop in. While we didn't find any suits, we found lots of other stuff. Several sweaters, a few cute tops, a great pair of cords...only $60.00. Great deals!!!

Headed to PetSmart for pet food, they didn't have Minne's brand so we have to look elsewhere for it. Our pets are rather picky. Have I ever mentioned Igan's food allergies? No, well let me tell you that my cat, MY CAT, is allergic to fish. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find cat food, treats, anything that doesn't have fish in it?????? Every time we find one, and she actually happens to like it, they stop making it. Ever so frustrating. We stood in the treat aisle for 27 minutes reading ingredients. Finally found one, only to realise it was crunchy. Our cat only likes soft and chewy treats. Urgh.

Headed off to our salon to get my nails done. Jenn had stopped by the other day just to say hi and found out that my manicurist was leaving! Thankfully she had an opening for today so we went in for one last manicure. I was her very last appointment. She has been my not only my nail gal, but my therapist. When she heard about Blue she sent me the most beautiful letter. I held that letter in my hand for a few nights while I slept. She said the right things. Not the cliche's that we so often heard. When I went in for my first appointment after that, she hugged me tight and we cried together. She is the best. I only started getting my nails done because it gives me something to do while Jenn gets her haircut. I had no idea that I would find a wonderful friend.

After that we headed over to Lyz's house, we needed to drop off a bag that Avery had left after her sleepover. I also wanted to drop off something that had been given to me that Lyz had on her registry. That stung a little. I'll admit it. But at the same time, it felt really good to be able to let it go. I'll get it back. I'll use it someday. Now it will have twice the good vibes. Some from my cousin Will, some from Tadpole. Lyz asked what we were doing for dinner so we started the I don't know, what do you want conversation and finally landed on Chilli's.

I'm not going out to eat anymore. It always ends up being a problem. First it was we called ahead but still waited forever to be seated, watching walk-ins get seated before us until Lyz marched her pregnant self right up there and got us to a table. Then when Jenn placed her order the server said "oh my, the kitchen staff just loves special orders like this, they are going to yell at me". We should have known then that we were going to have fun after that. Jenn's order of course came wrong, not once but twice. Lyz and I fixed her up with some of our fajita fixens. The manager was a total jackass. Then we get our bills. I complained because they charged me for something I didn't get. I got an eyeroll. Then Lyz complained because she was overcharged for something and mr. server man said "oh I'll pay the $1.50 out of my pocket." I honestly have never seen anyone belittled like that. It was absolutely awful. Needless to say, they are going to be getting an email. Grrr.

We headed to GameStop and bought Hell's Kitchen for the Wii. So I must end this now so that I can go play with Jenn!!! It'll be a late night, and totally worth it.

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