Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 more hours then 4 days off!!!

Yeah!!! I'm taking myself a nice long weekend. No, we aren't going anywhere special, nor do we have anything special planned. But it is going to be a celebratory weekend.

Why? Because Jenn goes back to work on Tuesday. We are going to spend those last few days attached at the hip. Drinking in every last moment of this unemployment blessing. This is very bittersweet for both of us. We have really enjoyed the last 6 months. I've enjoyed having Jenn home when I get there. It is very nice to come home and find her waiting for me with a hug and a how was your day?

For her it will be nice to have something to do. I know she is getting bored around the house all day. While she has done lots of stuff with her days and has really loved the opportunity to golf at will, babysit Avery when the last minute need arises, and just do plain old whatever she wants...I know she is ready to get back to work.

The extra income will be nice. It is a little raise from her previous job, but we should be getting more income than we were before as she will get better incentives and their health insurance costs much less.

Yes, it is another banking job. But Jenn says that is okay. She knows banking. She loves working with customers and matching them with the best products that the bank has to suit their needs. She loves to sell, but would never sell someone something that they don't need, or won't make their bank experience better. She is awesome like that.

I'll be quite honest in saying that it is really going to be rough not to have her home everyday when I get there. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. But I have lots to do. My craft room needs reorganized, our digital photo storage needs a revamp, I can't wait to cook dinner for Jenn again. What scares me is going to doctors appointments without her. She is my rock. I'll very much admit that I am totally dependent upon Jenn. I don't like to be away from her, even for a moment.

I would really enjoy being independently wealthy. I'd keep her home forever. But I know that she will be happy in her new job--it makes her very happy to be the breadwinner!! Everything happens for a reason. She lost her job this Spring so that we could spend lots of time together to help one another grow and strengthen each other. Sometimes we don't know why things are supposed to happen until after it is all done and we've moved on. Sometimes, we never will.


B said...

Well, I know you must both be kind of sad. I was off Monday, and was waiting for K on the front porch when she got home. I liked it..and so did she. We're actually trying to find a way for me to maybe work nights or something so I can be there when she gets home every day. Jenn will of course be awesome in her new job, and you will find the strength to do whatever necessary without her. You're a tough chic don't think so, but you are. As much as she is your rock, you are hers as well. Enjoy your days off together..sometimes doing nothing is the best time of all.

IrishNYC said...

Enjoy your days off, and spending time together. I know how it is to be unemployed - next week is a year for me. It's changed our relationship a lot, but mostly for the better. I could use some income though!

JamieD said...

Tell Jen good luck!

I know it will be sad when she first goes back to work. When I very first went to day shift and left Hubby on nights I was so lonely. But I am finally getting into a routine and reorganizing all my own stuff!

Anonymous said...

I could use an extra $10,000.00 do you think Jenn could hook me up?