Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Better

I didn't cry when Jenn came home yesterday. I had dinner ready, and I had even baked her the pie she has been begging for the last two weeks. (Pumpkin in case you were wondering).

I did start to get a little hazy when we left the house to go to her eye doctor appointment (her fourth in the last month). I'm a homebody. I could totally be a hermit and not complain.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. I started in my head with the "this should have been Blue's first real snow". But I've shaken myself out if it a bit. It still is his first snow. We just don't get to watch him play in it. Not that a five month old really would have been playing a lot. But I would have brought a bucket of it inside so that he could touch it. (I do this with the dog and cat, because they really like the snow, but are too prissy to stand around outside enjoying it.)

So, yesterday was better than the day before, and hopefully today will be better than yesterday.

(this does not mean that I am excited for Christmas, but I have been listening to the all Christmas radio channels in an effort to pull happy Heidi holidays out of the closet.)


B said...

All you can do is be the best Heidi you can be...and that isn't always going to be a happy Heidi. I hope for more and more good days.

This Mom said...

That's the best you can do. One minute at a time is sometimes all it takes.

JamieD said...

Good for you - I hope it gets easier and easier.