Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The baby's here the baby's here!!

**Warning...this post does include lots of newborn baby pictures**

So, sorry for the lack of a mingo monday this week, I was preoccupied!!! Lyz's c-section was scheduled for 1pm on Monday December 8th.

Lyz is one of those uber-patient people that does not want to know the sex of the baby until that magical moment when the Dr. says "Its a _____". But that ruins some of the fun for Lyz, since she is in recovery when Chris goes out to the waiting room and announces to the family that mom and baby are healthy, and that the baby is a_____.

So, Avery, Joni, Dennis, Jenn and I were kind and semi-patient and waited until Lyz came out of recovery and could introduce us to the baby herself. That was really really really hard. See, we saw Chris come down the hallway with a big beautiful smile on his face, and had to cover our ears and yell "LALALALALLAALALA" to remind him. He took other family members into the hall around the corner and told them and showed them the video and pictures. Then they all came back. And they all knew. And Jenn and I did not know. (Joni and Dennis had Avery at the mall keeping her occupied.)

In case you don't know...I HATE SURPRISES. With a passion. No surprise parties. I don't even like gifts and will go to all sorts of lengths to find out what people may have bought for me. It's bad. Very bad.

I shall give you our personal guesses on what the baby was going to come out as. From very early on I had determined that the baby was a boy. Constantly calling the baby him or he. The last time Lyz was in the hospital I was there when they gave her a very longl ultrasound. They went over that area so many times, I was sure I would have seen a penis if there had been one, but never saw one. And I changed to not being sure, but still leaning towards a boy. It just seemed like Lyz and Chris were going to have a boy.

Jenn never stopped doubting that the baby is a boy. Even elbowed me when a family member said he.

So....after waiting several eternities we were escorted back to the room where Lyz was waiting for us, without the baby. We hugged and chatted. Remember how I've told you that Lyz has the highest pain tolerance of anyone I know...she proved it again. This time they gave her a spinal so she didn't feel the c-section thank goodness. But she still looked radiant and showed no sign of pain what-so-ever.

Finally the nurse brought the baby in. Every time a nurse would come in we would all freak a little and remind them NO PRONOUNS!!! Joni, Dennis, Jenn and I turned our backs, and Avery sat on the bed next to Lyz so that Avery could meet and hold her little sibling for the first time.

As the nurse left the room she told Lyz "I'll be back in a few minutes to show you how to use the bulb syringe on her."

And that is how after waiting a million hours we found out that the baby is a girl.

A beautiful 10 pound 2 ounce, 20.5 inch long picture perfect little baby girl. Her name is Delaney Leuck. Delaney is after Chris's father Delmar, and Leuck is for Lyz's grandfather who just recently passed away.

What?? You want pictures?? Oh baby I've got about 8 million of them, coming right up!!

Avery meeting her little sister for the first time:

Mom and Delaney:

Baam and her newest granddaughter: (aka Joni)

I don't have any of Chris and Delaney in this set for some reason, so I'll show off Jenn and Chris celebrating instead:

Jenn and Delaney:

(I couldn't decide which I liked better, so you get them both)

Delaney, Avery and I:

Avery was a wonderful big sister. She made Delaney her very first birthday cake:

(out of playdough of course)

Jenn was given the honorable task of making sure that Avery got enough attention, which is Jenn's favorite task in the world. They had the playdough and a dinosaur coloring book that kept the two of them content.

There was also a little playroom at the end of the hallway and on one of their walks to it Avery looked up and asked Jenn "Am I still your favorite." "Yes, but I'm going to love and play with Delaney too" "Okay, as long as I'm still your favorite.

Avery screamed and yelled and bawled when it was time to go home. She wanted Delaney to come home with her. Awwwwwww.

Thank you for calling, texting, Facebooking or emailing us wishing us well on Monday. It wasn't difficult like I thought it might be. I cried more driving to the hospital than I did holding the baby. It was simply too happy of an occasion to let my own woes hold me down. We did lose it a little at one point, but that was totally expected.

Welcome Delaney. I am very much going to enjoy having you for a niece.


Anonymous said...

I had wondered where you had gotten to! Congrats to Lyz on Delaney's arrival... and we can forgive for the lack of 'mingos when you have such a good excuse!

Amy and Angie said...

Congrats!! Is Chris or Lyz your brother or sister? Just curious.

Chris said...

Congrats, Aunt Heidi!

Heather said...

Heidi- Thank you so much for calling and texting and letting me know about little Delaney. I'm so happy for Lyz. I'm glad it was a day you could celebrate and enjoy even though I know there was a little hurt. Thanks for the pics. It's the only way we get any from Lyz. hehe

Mrs. Spit said...

a beautiful name, for a beautiful baby.

Praying for one for you too!

S. said...

she's gorgeous! congrats auntie!!

B said...

She's beautiful. Glad the day was more joyous than sad for you two. Love you both!

JamieD said...

Congratulations, Aunt Heidi!! She is a beautiful girl. And to be honest, I was so anxious to find out if she was a boy or girl, I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of the post!

I am glad you were able to enjoy your visit with Lyz & Delaney. It is so, so hard. I am proud of you!

Rachel said...

Thank GOd for C sections...that's a whole lotta baby!
Congrats to all!