Saturday, December 13, 2008

It appears that Lyz and I married a set of eternal frat brothers.

So...remember the pumpkin guts drinking dare? It is something quite common between Jenn and Chris. They (usually Chris) think of something stupid and dare the other (usually Jenn) to do it.

One night in the hospital room they noticed the smelling salts taped to the bathroom door. Chris wondered aloud what they really smelled like. I said I didn't think it was bad, but they had been used on me for their actual purpose.

Chris was up out of his chair trying to figure out how to pop it open faster than lightening. And just as swift had Jenn agreeing to sniff it for him. He sniffed it too, also forcing it upon Lyz. I got a free pass as I have been there done that before.

Did you know there is a natural next step to take after you have sniffed upon the foul odor smelling salts?


Me either. But apparently the idea of shoving foul smelling substances up your nose will lead right into the idea of spraying each other with mace.

Yes, mace.

While Chris was in the police academy he had to get sprayed with pepper spray, it was one of the tests he had to pass. So, like me getting my free smelling salts pass, Chris did too.

That leaves Jenn. Chris's birthday was yesterday. For one of his birthday presents Jenn allowed him to spray her in the face, with mace.

We all lined up outside to watch the process and had Joni call Jenn's name...and then he got her. But that wasn't enough. She didn't react. We were all bored. Very anticlimactic. So...he sprayed her again.


This time it worked. There was a string of foul words (that I mostly cut out of the video, fear not, I think I only missed one). There was much spitting and drooling and blowing of the nose. Two puffy red eyes. One Jenn standing in the shower with a tee shirt on, with no hot water, only the cold, spraying herself in the face. One Heidi standing right outside the shower fully dress, and drenched. And much, much laughter.

Some pictures:

She spent half the time outside, post macing, begging for a towel to wipe her face, and the other half begging for more cold water spray. (It isn't Windex, it was just an empty bottle filled with cold water)

Chris laughing while Dennis videotapes the scene.

Sitting in the shower trying to get some relief.

The aftermath.

Videos--be reminded the that first one has one swear in it...


S. said...

oh. my. god. i just laughed so hard. is she okay!?

i love the contrast of the christmas music playing the background & the cursing. too funny!

IrishNYC said...

Oh Heidi. I feel for you. JB hasn't done anything like that... yet. (He may have been maced in the police academy, I don't remember.) He has one friend (who incidentally was his partner in the academy) that I can see stunts like this happening with. So far the stunts have only involved things like "Who can eat the most suicide hot wings without crying?" and "Who can get drunker in New Orleans and not get into trouble?" and who can forget "Who can make their wife pee from laughter first?"

We're seeing him tomorrow - can't wait!

Daniele said...

WOW! Those two should not be allowed around each other....Yay right? I can't believe she did that. Oh's Jenn we are talking about. Thanks for posting and sending all the pictures and video. You crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

What would we do without our crazy spouses LOL. I love it. Chris keeps saying how it was the mst memorial birthday ever!!!

JamieD said...

OH MY GAWD!!!! Tell Jenn I am sorry, but I laughed so hard.

I know what you mean about the frat brothers and dares. My Hubby and his friends are dangerous when all together. One year we were camping and they were throwing different things in the fire to see what happened. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottle of water, plastic bottle of sode, plastic bottle of urine, etc. Then I hear someone say, "How much propane do you think is left in that can?"

Needless to say, I hustled everyone into their tent and put out the fire.

Rachel said...

This gave me a much needed laugh. It reminds me of my brother and his friends, and all the stupid stunts they've pulled over the years.
I'm following you now because I think you're hilarious.