Monday, December 15, 2008

Mingo Monday

Friday night we arrived home after Macing 2008 (hopefully this does not imply that there will be a Macing 2009 or any other year) and what to my wondering eyes would appear?? A package, that must have been left by some reindeer!!

I raced into the house as fast as could be to open it. I like packages.

I opened it up and found the most beautiful things. A tackalicious pink Christmas tree (although I don't see the tacky in it, I just think it is perfect!!!), a Santa and flamingo ornament, and the cutest ever little flamingo print.

They made me melt. The beautiful gifts were sent to my by B and K. These two wonderful women have become Jenn's and mine's rocks. They are always just a phone call or text away...always ready to listen, or kick my butt in a game of MarioKart or chase me around in circles and laugh at me in Animal Crossing. I'm telling you the Wii wi-fi connection is wonderful for connecting us to our friends, who we have never met (hopefully soon???!!!???).

Thank you both so much. Thank you K for calling to check my tackyometer to see if there was anything to tacky for me. Thank you for picking out these wonderful presents. You didn't need to do that. I am just as thankful for you. Thank you B for making sure they got in the mail. You liar. (she called for our address to "send a Christmas card")

Do I have any pictures of these wonderful gifts? Um, have you not ever read my blog?? Here they come!

All three:

The awesome flamingo print:

The perfect flamingo ornament:

Thank you so much. I don't have the words.


Rachel said...

That is too fun. There really are some nice and good humored people in the world amidst the a-holes.
Glad we have managed to find a few of them!

IrishNYC said...

Love them! I'm always on the lookout for mingoes for you, too. NYC doesn't seem to be mingo-friendly.

B said...

Love you girls.

Chris said...

LOVE that little tree! Mingo Monday is my favorite :-)

JamieD said...

Those are so cute and so very Heidi!!

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

Aaaaah. I love you too! Glad you are in Santa car, oh Mingo one!