Monday, December 29, 2008

Mingo Monday

It is that time. Yes. Time to get to know me just a little bit better. Yes, you know that I love flamingos. Yes, you know that I am very very odd.

But did you know that I can't say no to a good craft project?

(In reality I can't say no to anything, but that is a whole nother story)

So....once upon a time (or...maybe it is a daily activity of mine, you'll just have to guess which), I was skimming along eBay. I was bored (or...maybe I was at work with nothing better to do) so I put FLAMINGO into the search box. And browsed a little bit. (or...maybe I started with the least expensive and looked straight through to the most?).

Anywho. I came upon an auction for a half a yard of flamingotastic fabric. It had to be mine. For only 99cents and free shipping!! Who could pass such an item up? (shh...I heard you say anyone but me....hush).

And it came in the mail and I showed it to Jenn who jumped for joy at my flamingotastic purchase (or...maybe she rolled her eyes and threatened to take away my PayPal account).

And then that loverly piece of fabric collected dust in my closet for about 2 years.

Until.........I was watching a craft show (something I never ever do, I mean who can turn off Food Network long enough to watch a craft show???) and they took themselves a half a yard of fabric and hot glued it to a lamp shade!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my. Wanna take a guess how long it took me to get Jenn into the car to drive to one of them there big box stores to find a cheap lamp???? (yes, much longer than I would have liked) and then off to one of them there crafty stores to get some tackilicious trim???? (again, much longer than I would have liked)

And I became a woman obsessed. First I made this absolutely tackfabulous lamp....

(Jenn chooses to view it kinda like the mom in A Christmas Story views the Leg Lamp.)

And then I made more. I made them for the for the living room. Some people got lamps as gifts for their birthdays that year. No...only the above pictured one came in the absolutely fabulous flamingorific fabric, sorry.

So...tomorrow we shall learn about my obsessiveness. As in, I realize I like something and it becomes my whole entire life...until I am bored of it.

Have a Happy Mingo Monday!!!


Rachel said...

I love it! I want one!
For Christmas this year, I got a pair of knee socks with flamingo feet and legs going up to the knee, and thought of you.

A said...

You are so funny! Loved your story and your lamp is very cute. Can't wait for tomorrow's story.

Anonymous said...

i am TOTALLY impressed with your craftiness!

i can usually only get as far as the idea - the execution is a bit harder :)

Mrs. Spit said...

Very cool. I was thinking about you yesterday, I was looking in Micheal's for Flamingo stickers for a scrap book page, and the selection was kind of crummy, and I thought, "I bet Heidi has a whole bunch, but I should keep my eyes out for her, just in case".

They all sucked. Sorry 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

I see an Etsy shop in your future... Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I have one yumyum left.

Estee said...

Super cute!!! I admire your craftiness. :) Brad often rolls his eyes at my ideas as well. It is a requirement of the spouse. At least that is what he tells me.

Kim said...

Great lamp!

I ALMOST bought flamingo pj's over the weekend! I had them in my hand...thinking of you of course...then I spotted the paw print flannels. :o)

p.s. They were at Belks!

jenn said...

hey Anonymous, You are a dork and you are not going to get me to share the twenty yumyums i have left`

Karen said...

just wanted to stop in and see what's new. That lamp is great! and your ability to tell the story even better!

IrishNYC said...

I seriously LOVE it! You could totally sell that in some kitchy little shop for a ton o' money.

Teaberry said...

cneat! I actually was looking under the bathroom sink the other day and came across my seldom used makeup bag (I am not a makeup gal) and remembered: It is covered in pink flamingos, too! I should take a photo and send it to you!

Your blog has become one of my top 3 faves, btw!

Anonymous said...

That is very cool! I can totally relate to the obsessive thing, because I am that way in many areas of my life as well! Here's to crafting and OCD!