Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I love New Year's Eve...this year more than any other. It is a fresh start. The (pardon me) shitstorm that was 2008 is over, and this new year just has to be better.

I worked until 5:30 making sure everything was under control for the party that The Hotel throws, and then we headed to Jim and Elissa's for dinner and Wii playing. Dinner was very very yummy. Those two make a quite excellent pot roast. Mmmmm.

The have me addicted to a new Wii game and Jenn and I will be out there buying it soon. (But right now we are still too addicted to a different Wii game to get off our lazy butts and buy a new addiction.) I had way too much fun playing that game with Skyler, Austin and Annabelle. Belle made my heart melt by sitting with/on me the entire time. We really need to make a better effort to get out of our house and see our friends, I miss them. I never realize how much I miss someone until I see them again.

And I made a boo-boo. I forgot to bring my camera in. So no pictures of the fun with them :( (Although I am kinda happy that there is no picture of me doing really really badly at the get the ring on the bottle game lol)

The Jim and Elissa family then headed to her momma's house and Jenn and I headed to Lyz's. Chris was working so it was just her and the girls. I was forced to remember my camera there because Elissa had sent Avery's birthday present and a welcome present to Delaney with us, and wanted pictures of them being unwrapped.

Avery unwrapping a really cool dinosaur:

Avery showing Jenn the sweetest little baby ballet slippers!:

Then we spent a bit watching tv and relaxing. We had only intended upon staying until 9 or so...but after a long bit of roller blading:

and watching Delaney sleep:

it was suddenly 11:30 and we figured we should just wait out the half hour and watch the ball drop.

We toasted the new year in style:

(relax, it's sparkling cider, we didn't get the 3 year old drunk)
We put on some silly hats:

And brought in the new year with a bang of fireworks and pots and pans.
(opps, no picture, must have been a little loopy from the sparkling cider)

The year just has to be better. I'm sorry that we have put so much pressure on you 2009, but you have to come through for us. You simply have to.

Happy New Year to you all...may this be everyone's best yet.


Mrs. Spit said...

I'm with you.

B said...

I'm with you! Shitstorm 08 BE GONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Good riddance 2008! 2009, don't let us down!!

Jen said...

Here,here. 2008 sucked, so 2009 MUST be better, right?

Anonymous said...

that definitely wasn't too much pressure on 2009. heck, we need to all get together and have a SERIOUS sit-down discussion with '09 and tell it we won't be accepting the same crappola we got from '08. things are changing!

Anonymous said...

oh, and btw, i love, love, love the name annabelle. its right at the top of my baby name list, if ever we have a daughter :)

Theresa said...

Happy New Year!