Saturday, January 3, 2009

So...I said there would be alcohol is the photographic evidence.

As I said, there were three people over my shoulder waiting because the first shot had been they are:

(I stayed away from the heavy drinking as I would be the one driving Jenn home)

Then Lyz and I hopped in the car and drove back to my house to pack up the Wii, because what could be more fun that watching Jenn and Chris play Wii while drunk...wanna see?

Jenn even had a special drink just for her:

Two N's and everything!

Louisa stopped by for a shot:

Jenn kidnapped the camera:

There was a mosh-pit, of which I have no pictures because I was in the center of it. Ouch. I have a nice bruise on my right shoulder.

Jenn and Chris had some quality bonding time:

At one point we got locked out of the house. I'm not quite sure how, and I was the sober one.

All in all a good time was had. Jenn has been fed toast and ginger ale and is back to her usual Animal Crossing fun time.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments of support. This sucks. But we have always had the understanding that everything happens for a we shall hunt for the next job and see what wonderful doors will open!!


B said...

Jenn just about broke my heart with her texts. I love ya Jenn, you'll find the right fit for you..and they'll appreciate you for all of your wonderful qualities.

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun time! :)

sending you lots of love. sorry this year has started out on a rocky foot for ya'll.

"the listener-she'll know who that is" said...

Heidi, please let Jenn know that 'most' of us enjoyed her time with us at the 'bank' & will miss her. We are in shock & once again our working world has been turned upside down as is your world. We just don't get it.
I know she'll find something out there that she'll be happy at!

Theresa said...

So sorry about the job loss! Something great is coming!

tbean said...

So so sorry to hear about the rotten start to the year and Jenn's job loss. Looks like you have a wonderful group of friends to help ease the pain--stay strong.