Monday, January 5, 2009

Mingo Monday

For today's installment I present to you the item that made Mingo Monday come to pass.

You can hand me a flamingo from my collection and I can tell you who it came from, or where I bought it without hesitation. Most of my flamingos have even been entered into a log of sorts.

So imagine my surprise one day when I came across a postcard in my craft room (the room where most of the flamingos live) and I had absolutely no freaking idea where it came from. The flamingo drawn on the front of it was simply beautiful too. I thought in my pretty little head that the artist must be spectacular.

Isn't it amazing?

I did what naturally anyone would do, I flipped it over to see who sent to me.

So, again, imagine my surprise to see that it was autographed to me from the artist!!

Now wouldn't you think that I would remember having an artist sign a flamingo object for me?

The artists name is Toby Cisneros. I googled him and found that he is local. (go ahead, point out to me that his website is listed right there on the postcard.) I assume it is a he...don't know though. But still for the life of me I cannot figure out how this postcard came to be in my collection.

The only think I can think is that a former coworker of Jenn's got it for me. He is also a local artist and has shown at the same gallery that Toby has shown in. But I cannot believe that I don't remember it. I would have been giddy as all get out to have an autographed flamingo! I should remember jumping up and down and dancing a grand old happy dance!

I decided that I must take better notes of my flamingo collection. I must take care to know who has given me each and every mingo. I decided that Flamingo Friday sounded like a great place to start. Then I realized it was Saturday and I simply couldn't wait almost an entire week. Belle and I have always called them Mingos, so Mingo Monday just seemed like a better fit, and wasn't a week away!

And if you are reading this, and gave me this here beautious postcard...let me know. I'm sorry that I forgot that you are the wonderful person that gave me this gift.

(An email has been sent to Toby to see if he is selling any of the prints of the flamingo...I think it is simply stunning.)


vee said...

I like his style - great picture. Lucky you. I hope you're lucky enough to get a print of it to add to your collection.

Anonymous said...

It IS a wonderful picture. I love the colour! And good luck finding its origins!!!

Karen said...

I just have to say that I had to get an air freshener for my car the other day (the carpets got wet and now are producing a foul odor, and i refuse to get the carpets cleaned until the nasty winter weather is gone)... well, I picked out a little pink flamingo that smells like pineapple.
Thought of you while making that purchase. ;)

Rachel said...

Pink is my favorite color, and I love the print.

I also have a flamingo air freshener in my car, it used to smell like strawberry daquiris, but the scent has been gone for months, but I keep it because it's cute.

JamieD said...

That is a beautiful drawing - I love it!

Hopefully Toby will email you back with more great stuff!

B said...

It is very pretty. I think you would have remembered it too..odd. It's a Mingo Mystery!!!!

calliope said...

that is so cool!
& happy anniversary a few days early!

Greg said...

Hello. I am actually the very close cousin of the artist who made your postcard. He is very talented and absolutely could help you with additional flamingo prints and art. I favor his style of art and he has always been extremely creative since an early age. I am going to contact him to let him know of your request because I have also seen his inbox and it is highly likely your email got lost in the numbers. In addition, he is the president of the Philadelphia Graphic Artists Guild and does a lot of traveling as a result. It is nice to see such kind words about his artwork as I am a huge fan and not just because he is close family. Good luck with your Mingo collection.