Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Atlantic Coast Patriots, and the scent of babies.

We went to Chris's first home game for football this past weekend. By we, I mean Jenn went with him really early because she has become the team's honorary physical trainer. She tapes the players ankles and hands, whatever they need. She even helps them stretch and diagnosis problems:

She has also become the teams videographer:

It makes her really happy and makes her feel needed. It has been rough for her, all this unemployment. The rest of us all love it, she is here when we need anything...she can help out most of the time (except for when she already has made plans), and she has had lots of lunch dates with old friends that she has reconnected with through Facebook. So her feeling needed is a very good thing.

Chris is a very tall guy (6'5"). It can be a little intimidating at times. But when the guy is in uniform, be it his old fireman uniform, his police uniform or his football uniform he just seems SO MUCH BIGGER! Jenn is very short. She is 5'3 1/4" (she makes me include the 1/4). It looks like that gap is MUCH bigger when Chris is in his football getup:

The game was exciting! Chris played very good, giving his all. His all includes breaking his finger...poor guy. I took lots of pictures and was VERY upset when my very best picture was ruined by a silly man standing on the sidelines.

That is Chris in mid-tackle of the quarterback.

A friend of Lyz's was looking at all the pictures from Florida and asked a very interesting question. Why did Jenn go to Florida without Heidi? Um, Heidi did go to Florida. Oh, but she wasn't in any of the pictures? Oh...that is because Heidi is always behind the camera. So it was very sweet of Lyz to steal my camera at the football game and make sure that there was a picture of me!

Look! It's me! I do exist! Thank you Lyz for joining the "More pictures of Heidi are needed" project!

Chris's team lost, and Delaney wasn't very happy about it:

Speaking of Delaney, she is growing up WAY too fast. I love to hold her in my arms and smell her head. That wonderful baby scent is just amazing. I snuff it all up and use it as a reminder of what I want, and how I will someday attain it. It keeps me going. It makes me so happy. It is so inspiring. We babysat the girls (and Joni who had foot surgery and can't walk right now) on Sunday night while Lyz and Chris went out for their anniversary dinner. I was walking Delaney (she is at that stage where you aren't allowed to sit down with her...she much prefers you stand with her in your arms) and I started sniffing her head. I stick my nose right onto her scalp and sniff as hard as I can (which right now with my diminished lung capacity sounds rather funny). She is starting to smell less and less. I had mentioned to Lyz last week that the smell is starting to go away. Sigh. I'll miss that smell. I must get to work soon to start making one of our own so that we can all have another baby to snuff. Now Delaney, don't go thinking I will love you any less when you no longer have that wonderful baby smell! It won't change how I feel about you at all. It just means you won't have to have my nose attached to your head anymore!


Anonymous said...

love the pic of chris and jenn, too funny!!! nice to see one of you too :)

B said...

I think Jenn and Chris are cute. I think that's what Bruce and I look like together! : ) So, Delaney is losing the new car..err..baby smell? I love pictures of you holding kids Heidi..it looks right.

Heather said...

Jenn and Chris are hysterical side by side.
The new baby smell is wonderful. The good news for you Heidi is that when the new baby smell is gone, the puke on you stage is usually over too.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked it is the beginning of baseball season. Is this an amish league?