Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Skyler!!!

I cannot believe that Skyler is 13 years old. A teenager!! Holy crow. He was only 8 months old when I met him. He had the cutest little chubby legs! He was teasing me today that I used to change his diapers...nope sorry! I don't do diapers. Not his, not Austin's, not Belle's, not Avery's, not Delaney's (yet...I can't promise I never will...but it isn't on my agenda of things to do.)

We went to the batting cages. I wasn't able to participate because today my lungs are protesting more than they have in over a week. Stinks. But everyone else had fun doing it. Well, not Jim...but I can't blame him. The last time he was in a batting cage he broke his hand. Don't ask how, we never did figure that out!

The birthday boy in the batting cage:

Austin in the batting cage:

Belle in the batting cage:

Jenn in the batting cage:

Elissa in the batting cage:

After everyone was tired out we went out to the parking lot and open presents. Jenn was too excited to let him open his presents to wait anymore. We got him golfing gear including this awesome club head cover shaped like a clover! What a perfect gift for the boy born on St. Patrick's Day!

Then we headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. It was quite yummy. Skyler was very excited to be allowed to order Alaskan King Crab Legs for his dinner since it is his birthday!

After that we headed back to their house for ice cream cake and to sing Skyler Happy Birthday:

(someday I will remember to not turn the camera when I take video...sorry!)

Skyler really wanted the part of the cake that had the Phillie's symbol on it. I fought hard for him and convinced Elissa to cut that part out of the middle of the cake just for him. And this smile made it totally worth it:

Happy Birthday Skyler!!! You are my favorite 13 year old in the world!


Mrs. Spit said...

Happy Birthday Skyler. You are lucky to have such a great aunt!

B said...

He's a sweet looking kid! Happy Birthday Skyler!