Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things we did this weekend.

We headed out to the Flower and Craft Warehouse with Elissa. Oh my goodness. I am not kidding you when I tell you that it could take a full week to see the entire store. It is literally a warehouse and it just keeps going and going and going. Whole rooms of beads, scrapbooking stuff, and candles. Oh my goodness the candles. We sniffed a million different varieties!! The only thing I was disappointed in was their yarn selection. It was barely have an aisle and none of it was soft and squishy. Hrumph.

Then we got silly. Well, Jenn got silly and Elissa and I took pictures of the silliness. First she decided that she wanted to get dressed up:

Isn't she adorable!??!!

Then she made out with the Easter Bunny:

After our feet were all tired out from all the shopping we headed out to dinner. I am horrible when it comes to deciding what I want to eat. The menu went on and on!! I'm always worried that whatever I do order won't have been what I actually wanted, so I will be sad. I wasn't sad here! The had a pasta special and the pasta was YUMMY.

Then we took some pictures since all three of us have new camera phones, we all needed to pictures to store in them.
Stolen from Elissa:

Aren't we all so fun?!?

Then there was Avery's gymnastics olympics, and she was just TOO CUTE!
On the uneven bars:

And getting her gold medal:

Then on Sunday afternoon...there was this weather thing. It was a storm, that came out of nowhere. And dropped a tornado just a few miles from our house. In March no less. There was thunder and wind and lightening and hail. And we didn't see it. And we didn't get any pictures of it. We being Chris and I. Jenn and Lyz would rather hide in the basement. Chris and I would be the two following it around in the car. Hmmm....why didn't we follow it around with the car?


B said...

I read about this after Jenn mentioned it. I would have been completely freaked! Glad you had a good weekend (besides the death eating tornado)and love Jenn in the boa!

Heather said...

Woman, get your butt in the basement during tornado time.
Jenn you look fab in feathers.
Cute pics and so glad to see some more pictures of you, Heidi.

jenn said...

I was just upset that the bunny did not give me any action back!!! What a stiff!!!