Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hmmmm, Interesting

While driving home the other day I saw an interesting sight. So interesting that I made Jenn turn around and go back so I could show it to her, and take a picture so I could talk about it here.

Now what in the world do you think that is for?

My only suggestion is a traveling peep show.

I want it though. I mean people would always be "there goes the strange girl with the glass truck!"

Do you have any fun ideas on what it could be used for? If you do, leave it in the comments. I am curious what you would use it for???


jenn said...

I must say this was a very interesting find, my lover!! I agree with you, it could be a traveling strip club...that would be awesome!!! My other thought is a traveling tax service since it is the exact H and R block green color!!!

IrishNYC said...

Traveling dunk tank?

Aquarium on wheels? You could put a shark in there. Or a mermaid.

N said...

Hee! I love the things it could be.

Sadly, I think I know what it is - or at least, what it looks like based on things we have here in DC. There are companies that you can pay to drive around with your ads, and usually they have a few that rotate through, and they're behind the glass windows like that (with usually the ad for the ad company - "let us advertise for you!" in the back window. they're usually that bright green or similar neon color, too.

Daniele said...

My first thought was a "Pope Mobile" You know.....the vehicle that the pope rides around in waving at all the people. Maybe it's not for the pope but someone else who thinks they are extra special. LOL

JamieD said...

I must have a really dirty mind because 'traveling peep show' was the first thing I thought of!

Maybe it is for a parade queen so she can wave at the crowd and not mess up her hair?

LesbianBride said...

I think it's for a radio show contest where you have to live in a room for a week or two or something like that, and people can watch you.

Teaberry said...

Is it the Geico Gecko-Mobile, like the Popemobile?

Heather said...

I was thinking a mobile money machine. You know the kind of glass box they fill with dollar bills and blow them around while you stuff them in your shirt. I must say that Teaberry's idea of a Geico Gecko 'pope style' mobile would be hilarious.