Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ear Candleing

*****Warning. The following post is not for the queasy. There is gobs of ear wax pictured below. Please do not proceed unless you think gobs of ear wax is fun.***

Joni had more in store for us on Easter than just an adult Easter Egg Hunt. She brought out her beauty supplies and dewaxed all of our ears.

Jenn, Lyz, Chris and Joni had to turn it into a contest of course. I didn't mind having my ears dewaxed, but the idea of showing everyone my pile of wax was totally mortifying! Not to mention having to see other people's piles of wax. Gag. It may not be a very liquidy bodily fluid, but it is still a bodily fluid in my book!






And now for the uber disgusting part. Our piles of ear wax:

Oh My Word. Foulness. Do you see that huge worm of brown ear wax that came out of Chris??? He swears he didn't feel it. I don't see how he couldn't have!!!! Here, let me give you a closeup:

I made sure to label the pictures really clearly on Flickr...I think they look like a bunch of joints:

It may be gross, but hey, I can totally hear clearer than I ever thought was possible! I didn't even know my ears were clogged! Thanks Joni!


JamieD said...

I can't say I ever thought ear wax was fun but I did proceed and had to laugh out loud!! You guys are too funny!!

Jen said...

that is gross and intriging at the same time.

Tara said...

What in the world did you guys use to get that much ear wax out of your ears? And it wasn't painful at all??

Teaberry said...

I have done this before and LOVED it!!! I have no idea where to find those things--can you ask Joni where she gets them. I would seriously love to do it again.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure she said she got them at Sally's beauty supply. man when you see it written down I sometimes wonder what your readers must think. How can these people be so freakishly wierd?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Try candling just your hand and you will still get all that "wax." Candling is a load of crap, to bust your bubble.