Monday, April 13, 2009

Mingo Monday

This is a Many Mingoed Monday!

First we will start with the Pittsburgh Zoo. Avery and I were so excited to see the flamingos the zoo had!! I warned her that flamingos smell very VERY bad, she laughed. While we were up visiting the polar bear Chris pointed down the hill and through the trees---FLAMINGOS!!

See them?? It was a totally zoomed in photo through trees and a fence.

Where is the better picture, the close ups you ask? Well there aren't any. Pout. When we got to the part of the zoo that holds the flamingos, their enclosure was empty. It must have been too cold for them so the zoo keepers took them inside. The above picture was the only flamingo sighting we had at the zoo. Thank you Chris for making sure we saw them!

Second we saw this sign at the Carnegie Science Factory:


Third, rainbow cake is only yummy when eaten with flamingo forks:

Finally fourth, my boss is at the zoo in Washington DC and heard my no flamingos at the Pittsburgh Zoo he sent me a picture of the Washington DC flamingos! Isn't he the greatest boss ever??:

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JamieD said...

I don't know what is more impressive - the flamingo fork or the rainbow cake!!!!