Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

I may have mentioned before that I believe that Easter is the worst of the childless holidays*. At least with Christmas there are still presents, Halloween you can still dress up and pass out candy. That Thursday in November...there is still yummy food.

But Easter? Two adults would look a little silly hiding eggs in the backyard for each other to find. We weren't invited over to anyone's egg dying parties this year**, so no reason to dye eggs (poor Minne, she loves her a good hard boiled egg.)

This would have been Blue's first Easter. It is such a beautiful day out. There are just a few cute little fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky, making it look like it is painted. We would have had so much fun hiding a few eggs for him to crawl around and find. His Easter basket would have been filled with peanut butter eggs and Cadbury creme eggs for Jenn and I. Oh, and lots of nasty black licorice flavored jelly beans for Jenn too. Maybe Blue would have liked black licorice flavor? (gag)

So, instead of moping over what we are missing***, we decided to enjoy the day! Okay, I'm lying. We weren't going to do anything special today but take a nap and make pizza for dinner. Then Joni came along and said Nope! You shall come over and we shall spend time together. For some odd reason she really hates it when Jenn and I don't celebrate holidays. She just won't let us stay home and mope.

So, we decided to bring dessert. The message board I belong to, and seemingly the rest of the internet, have been hailing the all wonderful and beautiful rainbow cake. Most people are making a loverly diet version of it. Not us. We made our own version. And yes, of course we took pictures!!!

Making the white cake batter:

Dividing the batter into six bowls:

Mixing in the colors:

Rainbow of batter:

(Like our new countertops?)
Layering the batter:

Pans of layered cake:

Hey, we aren't always perfect:

Finished product:

Looking after it was sliced:

A yummy slice!

We also watched Avery have a little Easter Egg Hunt, the bunny hid one on our car:

And then Joni had a special Easter Egg Hunt for the adults! She hid eggs in very difficult places...under the shed, in the wood pile, in the garbage can, in the sewer pipe, and over the other side of the fence:

Each of the eggs was two colors and Joni had a prize list for the different eggs, it was kinda like bingo. Anyone have a Pink and Yellow Egg? Bingo!!:

And then the prizes were handed out. Avery and Jenn modeling our rewards:

Joni hid them so well, that there are still five more hidden somewhere in the Landii yard!

What started off as a day at work with me crying because I miss my son so much, ended as a wonderful day spent with people we love, smiling, laughing and snuggling:

*Yes, I know that "the real reason for Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sorry, the religious aspect isn't important to me right now as God and I aren't exactly on speaking terms.

**This is not meant to be a guilt trip towards those that could have invited us to their egg dying parties. I am just stating a fact, I am not offended at not being invited. My massive whining about the holiday is what most likely made you not invite me to your party so it is my own fault not yours!!

***Ha! Don't be fooled, we are still moping!


Anonymous said...

lord have mercy that cake looks good!

E said...

I'm sorry u had a horrible start to ur day yesterday! I would have invited u over to do eggs but we didn't do them this year! I'm so bummed! I may still do them late...hahahaha cause that is my fav. Part! I worked open to close that day n just didn't have time! :( and when I went out looking for the egg dye kmart was all out! :( whine!! The boys were like whatever but belle wanted to do it. So I'm gonna still make a mess this year and it just wouldn't be a mess without u guy!
Luv ya

Donna said...

Since I seem to be entirely buried in the sand I just recently heard about rainbow cake. I can't wait to make one. I just love colorful food!

And I'm very glad you ended up having such a nice day after all.

B said...

The cake is awesome. I insist upon you making me one when I come visit you.