Friday, April 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Trip-First Night

As you know our trip started off awesome with my little brother, Marshall, surprising me! We went out to dinner that night and then hung out in the hotel room laughing.
Marshall and Delaney at dinner:

This was also good for Chris. See poor Chris is the only guy. Joni, Lyz, Jenn, Avery, Delaney, two dogs, 3 cats and me, outnumber him. He claims that the fish are all guys so that he isn't alone. With Marshall around, Chris had a guy to gabber with.

I happen to really like this picture of Marshall (aka small fry) and I:

Jenn and Marshall take a pretty good picture too:

Thank you for coming Marshall!!! Thank you Jenn, Chris, Lyz, Joni and Avery for surprising me!! They caught it on camera...I was really clueless!!

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Anonymous said...

you know it was one of the first things i did after getting home (other than work) was checking to see if i had made the blog. love ya sis

love,small fry