Friday, April 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Trip-The Pittsburgh Zoo

You will be so proud!! There are pictures of me!!

Yeah! The zoooooo!! Avery was so excited. When she woke up she turned to Joni and asked "Are we still in Pittsburgh?" It was so much fun to watch her.

Lyz, Delaney and I:

Avery and I dancing to the California Sea Lion song:

Chris making out with the California Sea Lion:

Jenn seeing how far she can jump:

Avery and her adopted camel!!!:

Jenn and a polar bear (Jenn's second favorite, after penguins):

We were quite the caravan:

Even more sea lion:

After the zoo we went to Quaker Steak and Lube for was yummy!!
Here we are at dinner:

Then we went shopping at Ikea. Chris was bored by it so him and Delaney took a nap in one of the sales areas:

After all the shopping we hung out in our room watching the final game of the NCAA basketball tournament. My team lost, which means that I lost some money, but it was still fun!!!

Then we went to bed. For a very long night for all. I had a rough Blue night. How would things have been different if he had been with us. Would he have liked all the animals? Would he have smiled and giggled and kicked his feet and loved every minute of it? Would we have had the look in our eyes that Lyz and Chris had watching Avery take it all in? That look of pride that you could show your children things they want to see and love?

This was followed by a lot of physical pain, I have no idea what it was all from. Since I was already in a crying jag from the Blue pain, I spent four hours crying about the physical pain. Once Jenn finally got me calmed down (and drugged) I started to relax, but then my phone rang. Here poor Avery was having a rough night too. She was vomiting and they wanted to know if we had a spare Sprite for her. Poor thing.

Thankfully both of us woke up happier the next morning :)

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