Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zero More Sleeps!!!

Today (after I get off of work) we are leaving with the Landii to go to Pittsburgh. We are going to the Pittsburgh Zoo and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, specifically to see the Dinosaur Exhibit. We are expecting perfect weather!!! Cold and raining on Monday and snow on Tuesday!! (sarcasm.)

Last week Jenn got Avery all excited about going! Avery must have asked 80 times in a 10 minute period when we were going. Jenn had the wonderful idea of making a tear chart to show how many sleeps until Pittsburgh for Avery. They worked on it together and hung it on the fridge. Every night Jenn gets picture mail on our phones showing Avery tearing off the top sheet. Some nights she would call Jenn to tell her how many sleeps were is tooooo cute!

One night we were over there for pulloff time...
Pulling it off:

Three more sleeps were left!

Posing with their masterpiece:

We weren't around when Avery was baptized, so when Delaney was baptized we got them both a gift. We adopted pets for them at the Pittsburgh Zoo. We asked Avery one day what her favorite zoo animal was and her answer was Camel. Really? Camel? Yes. For a week or two after we kept was always Camel. Okay, Camel it is. We also asked Avery what Delaney's favorite zoo animal is...Elephant! So we adopted them a Camel and an Elephant. We had the packages delivered to their house so that Avery could get mail. We plan on taking a picture of each of them near their animal of choice!



Jen said...

That is awesome! I'd probably adopt a monkey (gorilla or chimp) or a rhino! What a great gift. Have fun at the zoo and the museum. Sounds like a perfect day except for the weather.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great trip, have fun and take good pictures so we can live vicariously!! :D

Anonymous said...

we cant wait 1 more hour til you get here!!!!

JamieD said...

Oohhh! How fun! And what a great gift idea. You are so creative!