Monday, May 11, 2009

Mingo Monday

Once upon a time there was a garden (please ignore the weeds):

One day, a pretty pink flamingo moved into the garden:

She spent her days happily watching over the plentiful radishes, the bushel of carrots, the three peas, one row of corn and a pumpkin plant. Oh, and the grass, she watched over the grass too. But she was a lonely little flamingo. She hoped and wished and dreamed of having a friend to visit in the garden. Yes, an adorable three year old and her Mommy, Daddy, sister Baam (aka grandma) and Aunties would visit too. As would a big rottweiler who often helped to fertilize the garden.

One morning she woke up and looked around the garden...and was still alone. She sighed. Then she smiled when she saw her three year old friend coming to visit the garden with her Baam. She stood still and pretty while her friends visited and then relaxed when they walked away.

To her surprise they had left something behind after they visited!!

Pink flamingo was so excited to meet Blue flamingo. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend and will live happily ever after.

The End.


JamieD said...

What a sweet Mingo story!

B said...

Love it!