Monday, May 11, 2009

Jenn's Birthday and Hershey's Chocolate World

Jenn's 34th Birthday

That is a cake made out of Long Johns. They are peanut butter and chocolate frosted doughnuts.

Avery got Jenn a SpongeBob cd...I'm not sure who was more excited about it!

We went to Shady Maple:

And much Beer Pong was played:

It was a Happy Birthday!!

Hershey's Chocolate World
Lyz's cousin Sarah came to visit. We met her last year in Florida and thought she was great fun!! So we all met up and went to Red Robin for lunch and then for a visit to Chocolate World.
My favorite part of Chocolate world is the cows...they sing such a happy little song:

We all enjoyed the Chocolate World Ride...especially the free chocolate bar at the end:

Joni, Sarah, Avery and Jenn also made some Hershey's Kisses (Delaney just enjoyed the hat):


JamieD said...

Mmmmm . . . I don't know which gets me more excited - the long john birthday cake (or would it be birthday donut?) or Hershey's chocolate world. Both sound divine!!

Anonymous said...

That picture with the accordion reminded me of our prom at Solanco. The only school that square dances!


Lollipop Goldstein said...

It's the milk chocolate...ooooh oooh oooh...Hershey's milk chocolate...yes, it's's the milk chocolate...ooooh oooh oooh (can you tell how many times I've been on that ride? I love it).

Happy birthday!

Teaberry said...

So, if I send a self address, stamped box can I get some Long Johns?

Jen said...

The long john birthday cake BLOWS MY MIND. Whoa, and double whoa. I am a bad blog friend---I still owe you a "pay it forward" gift and I know what I am going to make, but have become very slow and tired. Sorry I suck. I will try to pull out my stuff and get on with it.

Tara said...

I LOVE that the accordian was played for Jenn! I wish I was there to witness that one.