Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Strikers 2009 Season Ends UNDEFEATED!!!

We played a "double header" last night against the only team we hadn't played yet this season. We were all a little nervous going in...what if we lose our perfect season to this one last team???

But it all went perfect! Our pitching staff (Belle) rocked:

Our batters (Belle again) knocked them out of the park:

And the girls cheered each other on!! (this is my favorite cheer that they do, I always end up with it stuck in my head for days):

At the end of the game the girls were all very excited about their undefeated season. This is the first year that score is actually kept. Before everyone would bat and get on base every inning. This year there were outs and strike outs and scorekeeping! (I was the official scorekeeper, and I must say I got kinda good at it by last night!).


JamieD said...

WOW! Go Strikers!!

Teaberry said...

Way to go! What fun pictures--- I love the tie-dye jerseys. Yellow is my favorite color!