Saturday, October 13, 2007

Before 10/12/2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Started my period. So excited to get a new cycle started and have a plan. See last month my body surprised me and ovulated way earlier than expected so we missed trying. It was rough, but I guess in the end worth it to wait the extra month!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Started my monthly dose of 100mg of Clomid per day. Clomid sucks. It gives me hot flashes, and makes me cranky and just in general kills me. I hate it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Got a positive on my ovulation predictor kit. This is not normal, as it is way way to early for this to be happening. I called the Fertility Center and asked what to do, they just tell me to come in Sunday morning at 7:30am and we will get it all figured out. I spend the evening crying because this is exactly what happened last month and I ended up missing ovulation. I can't take it if we miss it again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arrive at Fertility Center and the wonderful lab girl Amy takes me back to take my blood. She's talking about giving us the results tomorrow if I ovulated or not, and I am starting to shake with fear that we yet again missed it. I don't remember what she said, I was too busy watching Jenn's face turn redder and angrier when it hit me-they are going to do the IUI and just hope we didn't waste the specimen!!!!! IUI gets done, we head home.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wait all day for the phone call from Michelle at the clinic to tell me if I ovulated at a good time, or if the IUI was too late. She finally calls and tells me that we didn't miss it, in fact I haven't even ovulated at all. Come in tomorrow and we'll do an ultrasound to see what is going on. Sigh. Well, we wasted a specimen, but hey, better safe than sorry. I'm a little stressed out at this point. Just a little. Twenty minutes later she calls back to say hey--order another specimen, have it shipped overnight. This is after 2pm, so overnight is really now Wednesday morning. What it I need it tomorrow???? More stressing ensues.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go in for ultrasound. Jenn and I have been doing this for awhile so we know what things mean, even if the doctor doesn't outright explain them to us. Ultrasound tech is doing the ultrasound and I see her measuring each follicle. They are 21, 24, 19, 23. Um, you ovulate when the follicles are between 20 and 25. I begin to cry. They take us back for bloodwork again, and send us away for two hours while they process it. We have breakfast at Cracker Barrel (which I don't eat since I am so nervous that our specimen hasn't arrived, but we need it) and shop for a new couch at the Room Store. Head back to Center.

While sitting in the waiting room Fed-Ex stops in and drops of a dewar---could it be our specimen????? I start to chipper up a little bit, but then sink when Michelle calls us back. Jenn and I give each other the "no matter what she says we are going to be okay" look, and follow her. She must have sensed our fear so she stopped halfway down the hall and said "It isn't bad, relax". OMG. Total sigh of relief. I started to cry.

When she got us back to the room she showed us the hormones are not quite ready to ovulate, but the follicles sure are!! So she prescribes a trigger shot to be given to me (by Jenn) at 9pm tonight, and we will do IUI on 9/27-my 30th birthday.

Shot didn't hurt a bit. I am a shot wuss. I cried for the two hours before about it, but really I didn't feel a thing. I felt the cold needle since it was refrigerated, but nothing else.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just like every IUI I've had before, and I won't go into the description of it, since I have no idea who may read this.

When I got to work the "o" pain started. I feel my ovulation. I feel the little egg spring free of it's follicle and start traveling. IT FREAKING HURTS!! I could barely stand up straight all day long. We had plans to go to Shady Maple for my birthday, as it is free on your birthday, and I dreaded it. Kept hoping Jenn would get the hint that I was in way to much pain to walk around a buffet, let alone stuff myself with the buffet food, but even when she did get the hint, I still wanted Shady Maple so I just dealt with it.

I felt awful lying to my parents when they called to wish me a happy birthday. I was in pain and sounded bad so I told them that I had a stomach bug, which I guess in a sense was true it was a pain in my stomach that I was experiencing.

Now we just have to wait until October 11th for the blood test to see if this worked or not.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have given up. I'm crampy like normal, and I have really sore breasts like normal. I figure this is the end of another cycle and even start talking quite seriously to my friend Lyz who is going through the same thing about how "fun" it will be to go through daily injections together. I start figuring out the budget with all of this. I tell Elissa about how much this is going to cost, and how much I am going to need her to listen to me whine while I get the shots each day. Jenn and I went to dinner at Sonic and I was playing with one of my TTC coins (a coin that a wonderful girl on the internet sent me to wish me well in my Trying To Conceive journey). The coin said baby on it and I was rubbing it between my fingers and it split into two coins. Jenn and I joked how maybe the injectables cycle was going to give us twins.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am even more convinced that this is not our month. I have Jenn call the Fertility Center to cancel our blood test, and schedule the injectables meeting for the following Thursday. I am sad, but excited to move on another step.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

There were two home pregnancy tests left in the house, and I asked Jenn as I got in the shower if I could use one, just for fun. After getting out of the shower, I used it and set in one the bathroom sink. I brushed my hair and looked down at it. Holy Smokes, there were two lines. I have never seen such a thing. I ran into the bedroom and jumped on top of Jenn who was sleeping screaming turn on the light and put on your glasses there is a line here!!!!

I spent the entire day at work trying to decide if this second line was real or not. We put a plan together. I will stop peeing at noon, and come home and pee on that one last stick--see what it says. If it says yes, we will head to Giant to purchase a digital test and see what it says.

I have never driven home so fast in my life. Flew up the stairs, peed in the cup and dipped the stick. Sat on the bed next to Jenn and stared as almost instantly the second line showed up.

Fly to Giant (I'll admit it, with the cup of pee in the car) to purchase a digital test (whoo baby they are expensive!). Run out to parking lot, dip it and watch the little hourglass tick. I covered it up with my hand because I was soooo nervous. The test says it takes 1-3 minutes to determine it's results. Thirty seconds into the test Jenn removed my hand because she wanted to watch. It already said "PREGNANT". I screamed.

Drive to Elissa's house to show her-she of course isn't home. Try to find her at football field, not there either. Spend 30 minutes driving around trying to call her but her cell phone was off. Drive to Lyz's house to show her. So far Lyz's mom Joni has been my favorite person to tell. I barely handed her the stick and she just started bawling and hugged me so tight. Hang out with them for a bit and keep trying Elissa-finally getting her-now she's at the football field, so we head over. I give Belle a hug and Elissa says "wasn't today supposed to be your bloodtest?" I simply handed her the test and she squealed!!!

Shortly after that we left there and went to Chili's for dinner-I spent most of my meal staring at the test. I cannot believe it says pregnant.

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