Monday, December 17, 2007

13 weeks 4 days--12/17/2007

We had Christmas with the Allison family on Saturday night. Opened gifts, ate pizza, and then Elissa decided it was time to tell the kids about Blueberry. I was kind of surprised as originally she was just going to wait until I was showing and have them figure it out themselves, but she said I'm 13 weeks now...they shouldn't be kept in the dark. She said I'm going to tell them you are pregnant--it's your job to answer the how questions. She said it would prepare us for the birds and bees conversation with Blueberry later on.

She told them they are going to have a new cousin. Who?? Heidi is having a baby...
Skyler (11)-Nuh huh.
Austin (8)-Can he be my friend?
Annabelle (7)-I want to hold him!

It was weird that all three of them assumed Blueberry is a boy, without me even saying that I thought he was too, maybe kids are psychic?

Skyler cornered Jenn later and asked if she was pregnant too. He's the only one who really had any questions, and they were all minor. He asked Jenn if I cheated on her. Jenn told him no, we went and saw a special doctor who helped us, and that seemed to satisfy him!

Austin thinks we should name they baby a Chinese name, he has no explanation for why. Skyler didn't like any of the names we suggested, and Belle said we should name the baby J.D. or Tyler after some of her friends on the bus.

Later Belle was laying on my lap and I was drawing on her back. She was talking to Blueberry telling him how she wants to hold him. She asked if he could hear her. I told her yes and she jumped off my lap and ran to her room. She made me all teary when she came back with one of my favorite books "There is a Monster at the End of this Book" and read it to Blueberry.

I have a copy of this book waiting at home for Blueberry, and I am going to write in the front cover how it is the first book he ever had read to him.

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