Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Every year it's the same

So, when we last visited our story I was laying in bed with burning skin. That repeated all day Sunday. We did not get out of bed all day.

Monday we headed back out to Daytona Beach and visited with Lyz, Avery, Lyz's grandparents and Lyz's cousin Sara (who is ever so cool). Every year it's the same while we are in Florida. I get a phone call from Vicki, our dog/cat sitter. The driver’s side window in Jenn's truck shattered what should she do. She called a couple of places and got some quotes then called me back. I called the place that could fix it same day and got it taken care of. Nothing can go smoothly right? If the window is the only thing that shatters this vacation, all will be well.

When oh when will I learn to not think such things without knocking on the world’s most perfect peace of wood?

There was more sandcastle building, and this one had actually gotten pretty tall, and Avery hadn't crushed it yet. I went and got my camera (aka my pride and joy) and opened it up. Nothing. It sounded like the lens wanted to come out of hiding, yet it remained in its little hole. Well, I was wanting to upgrade for awhile...now lets really hope this is the worst that happens (did you hear me knocking????)

We sat at the beach for a few hours and the clouds started rolling in, rain came pouring down. The three cars were loaded and we all said our goodbyes and drove off the beach. Every year it's the same. We drive off the beach and the rain stops! No biggie, we really didn't need to be in the sun too much longer, we are still healing from Saturday.

After being in the sun I am very tired. I stay awake long enough to get Jenn to understand where she is. I wake up 45 minutes later and she looks and me and says "We are still on 95." We need I-4. I-4 is 3 minutes on 95. So we turned around and drove 42 minutes back. We both handled it pretty well, I just laughed at her silliness and she just said "only me!"

Today we headed out to the mall (yes, I had said that we would do that on Sunday) and shopped until we couldn't walk anymore. Every year it's the same. My feet have now swollen to beyond cankle status. They are so sexy let me tell you. Right now they are propped up in the bed on two couch cushions with ice packs wrapped around them. Fingers crossed that at least the left one heals overnight; I have big plans for it tomorrow.

(Pause while Jenn adjusts my ice packs, apparently they weren't close enough to my skin. I definitely feel them now burrrrrrrrrrrr)

Tonight we headed to our favorite restaurant in the entire universe. Ruth’s Chris. Yummy. I had the filet, broccoli au gratin and the chocolate duo. Jenn had the New York strip, shrimp, julienne potato (aka french fries) and the banana cream pie (that's more like banana’s foster). We are stuffed and so happy. As soon as you are seated you begin to smell the yummieness. Seriously, if you have never been here before, take the plunge. But be warned, you may become addicted and no other steak may ever satisfy you as much.

In other good news, I did get my camera working. Once I uploaded the pictures off of it to hear the little lens popped right out! So, down to the lower right is the link to our Flickr site, click on Florida 2008 and you can see the few pictures I got in before the camera became a pooh head! (There are only 12 I hope to take lots more over the next few days!) To whet your pallet:

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Ahuva Batya said...

This sounds like a lovely vacation, even with the hiccups! I'm so glad the camera started working- that would have really torked me off.