Saturday, February 16, 2008


Why is this post untitled you ask? Because I couldn't decide which of the following to use:
  1. Who's bright idea was it to run away from a miscarriage by going 5 miles away from the happiest place on earth? (I swear every human I see is either 8.9 months pregnant, or towing newborns and toddlers.)
  2. We made it to Florida in 14 hours, a new record for us! (and only had to stop 4 times due to illness--as usual I thought it would be fun to have a belly ailment the day we leave for vacation)
  3. For the third trip to Florida in a row, Wachovia freaked out and thought someone stole our check card since it was used in multiple states in a 24 hour period, so they shut down the card. This resulted in a 45 minute checkout time at Target, another record. No worries, all is well now. (The only real bad thing about this is I felt embarrassed in my favorite store in the universe!)

My personal favorite:

4. I went to Florida and all I got for it was the worst sunburn ever.

If you know me well in real life, you know that I could start every post about our first day in Florida this exact way. But this year, it really is the worst sunburn I have ever had. To the point that I almost asked to be taken to the emergency room. Yes, I heard you just ask "were you wearing sunblock?" No, I wasn't. It wouldn't have mattered if I had been wearing sunblock. I am a burner. You think that I would therefore stay out of the sun and just avoid Florida. Nope. I should be fine by tomorrow. But it was so bad earlier that I couldn't bend my knees and was shaking so hard (while waiting 45 minutes to get checked out at Target) that I peed my pants a little. Aren't you glad you are reading this? Jenn is as wonderful as ever and is taking wonderful care of me. I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

Now for the real post. We are here. We arrived at the beach around 9:30 and vegged out. Read for awhile, snoozed, snacked, cried and found peace. Well, as much peace as I think I will ever find.

My friend Lyz is here. Her husband and his friends stay at a campground and go to all of the race week activities, and her mom works at the track (I am talking about the Daytona 500 in case you weren't following that). So she and her daughter came and joined us at the beach for a bit. This is where I found my peace.

I watched Jenn playing with Avery, who is 2, and I knew that I have at least done one thing right. I picked the perfect woman to be the other mother of my child(ren). I know that we will someday be blessed with a baby to hold, because I have faith that Jenn and I were meant to be mothers together. The way her and Avery interacted sealed that deal for me. (It may have helped that they bond in their mutual love for Spongebob.)

So...I think we'll be staying "in" tomorrow. This means shopping at the two wonderful malls that are 5 minutes from our hotel. Usually I really enjoy the first trip to Target while we are out here as Jenn is too tired from being awake for over 48 hours she doesn't say no to any of the silly things I want to buy. So tomorrow I'll have to put on my whiny "I don't feel good" face to get everything I want. (she is reading this over my shoulder and would like me to point out that she has never once said no to anything I want, other than she hasn't yet fulfilled my request to install an elevator at our house!)

I apologize that this post doesn't flow well. I am very tired and a bit hopped up on painkillers so that I can sleep off my sunburn, but wanted to update anyway!

Oh, one more thing. For the past three years I have been drooling over this beautiful pink house that has been for sale on our beach. There was no for sale sign in front of it today. Someone bought my house out from under me, and I had just finally saved up the 1.1 million to buy it too!


sara said...

OOOhhh-- I'm sorry about your sunburn (I'm a burner too!), but I'm glad that you are somewhere sunny, taking some time for yourselves--

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on your blog for a long time and I am saddened to read what has happened. This is your blog and your hurt so I will not bore you with my "same" story.
Hope you enjoy your vacation and for what it's worth I can say emphatically that YOUR "miracle" WILL happen because mine (ours) finally did when we almost gave up! Keep on keeping on girl (girls)!!!!!!!!!


Heidi said...

Please feel free to share your story. What I have come to learn is that not enough people have shared their story. Miscarriage and infertility has become so hush-hush that a lot of women are afraid or embarrassed to share. Your story should be one screamed from the rooftops to give us hope that our miracles will come true like yours!!!!

Merr said...

Well glas you guys made it safely! Sorry about the sunburn. My wife would kill me if I burned that bad. She works for a dermatologist! Have fun and get home safe!