Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it Friday at 1pm yet?

No? Well, actually I guess that is a good thing as I have a lot that needs to be done. Mostly homework that I know darn well won't get finished on the beach. (oh, and I guess we should get the dog and cat some food so they don't starve while we are gone. Hmm, that makes it sound like we are leaving them home alone...)

My mom sent me an email forward yesterday ( so I called her to tell her my funny (and somewhat inappropriate) diabolical plan. Those of you who have been through fertility treatments will totally laugh though.

Last year during the height of our treatments when we were at the office every other day and our dr was always "under the sheet" my mom had forwarded me that same email (but I couldn't share this story then as she didn't know we were trying to get pregnant). I brought it home to Jenn and she laughed. Then I began to think of what I could do similar to this.
  • Get a smiley face removable tattoo and place it high on my inner thigh.
  • Draw circles on my belly around where my ovaries are so they would be easier to find during the dreaded Clomid check.
  • Write "Hi Michelle" on my inner thigh.
  • Draw and arrow with the words "Insert Catheter Here", ya know, in case she needed a map.
Sadly, Michelle just doesn't have that sense of humor. For example the receptionist was 7 months pregnant when we graduated from there in November, so when we returned last week I asked how the baby was. Michelle replied "She had a boy, and they named him Levi. They were just in here visiting yesterday." Jenn said "Was he wearing jeans?" Michelle just looked at Jenn like she was insane. Could be because Jenn was in essence making fun of his name, but still... not the sense of humor that "Insert Catheter Here" would get a lot of laughs out of!


sara said...

ooohhh-- I totally think you should do one of those things! I meqan, come on, we should get to have *some* fun (or at least amusement) at these appointments. I hope you guys have a great vacation!

Estee said...

Breuklyn's best friend is named Levi and his mom doesn't appreciate my jokes either. :) I hope that you have a great vacation!!

Jen said...

Thanks for your warm thoughts!

Estee said...

I hope you are having a great time in Florida!!