Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have an ovary that looks like a chocolate chip cookie.

Mmmmm cookies.

Okay, stealing someone else idea here--Cliff notes version: 2-5 follicles, trigger Saturday, IUI Monday...unless something changes.

My lining is 9.5, which I've been told is excellent.

My right ovary is the home to one cute little follicle. I believe she said size is 15.

Then she headed over to my left ovary. Chocolate-chip cookie. Lots and lots of little follicles growing over there. Only 4 worth measuring though. And of those 4, only two that Michelle thinks will be ready to go.

Now for some background info. My last two cycles were screwy. Apparently my body doesn't ovulate right. I'll pee on an opk and it will come back positive, yet all my blood work will say no got, and my follicles are huge. So the cycle we got pg with Blue I got a positive opk and yet my bloodwork said no go. An ultrasound showed that my four follicles were 19 and up. So we triggered that night, and 36 hours later did iui.

So Michelle sits us down to go over "the plan". Plan is that we will trigger Saturday night, do IUI Monday morning (7:45am). But...keep peeing on sticks and if we get a positive call the center. Hey, I'll take any excuse to pee on a stick!! It is my favorite past time after all. They also took some blood to do do my bloodwork to see where it has us at today. So more waiting. It's 2 o'clock now. They said they would call after 2 o'clock.

I'll update later!

Oh...and congrats to B & K and Plump!! Soooo excited for you all!!!


B said...

Holy chocolate chip cookie batman! That's a lot of follies! Keeping our fingers crossed for you girls. Thanks for the shout out...hope to be doing the same for you very soon.

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

That's a ton of follies! We'll be thinking of you!!! FX!!

Anonymous said...

How can you guys afford all this stuff. Me and my "wife" or partner can't get insurance to cover a civil union? I hate for money to be an issue because we would really like to try again but we just can't afford it? And of course both our parents won't help because we are hell doomed sinners!

Cindy and Janice