Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The pee sticks should not be left where I can find them.

I like to panic. It's something I am very good at, so I do it often to remind myself that I am good at something. I am also one of those lucky women who feels her eggies growing, and feels enormous pains when I do ovulate.

I've felt the twingies for several days now that tell me the eggies are growing. This morning, I haven't felt any yet. Uh-oh. Time to panic. Yes, I have an ultrasound tomorrow (now at 10:30am in case you are keeping track). I could just relax and go about my day of nothing (I have a migraine hangover so I'm being lazy with a purpose). But no, I decide that I'll go pee on an ovulation predictor stick and let it weigh in on the panic. I figure, if it's negative, then all is well, if it is positive I can call the RE's office and set operation panic into full swing.

Moron. Yes, it's negative. Blatantly so. Which means that I have now convinced myself that I ovulated so of course it is negative. Much whining has ensued. Much much whining as a matter of fact.

I began to stomp around the house crying. I cleaned the kitchen, I cleaned the dining room (anyone else's dining room table start to look like an archaeologist dig after 48 hours of being clean?). I sit down in the living room to cry some more when...

There's the twingies!! They must have been taking a nap. I think I will too, all that panicking for nothing wore me out.

(And...Congrats to The Anguished Corn and to my friend Lyz who both got wonderful news yesterday!!!!!)


B said...

I can't wait to hear the results of that ultrasound! Try not to panic anymore today. If you do though, could you come clean off our desk?

Heidi said...

You have no idea how much the idea of cleaning someones desk excites me. I am a sick sick person.

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

We have a whole room for you, Heidi! We call it the hole.

And yay for your twinges! Update tomorrow please or I'll be forced to, um, stalk you. I'm just that honest!

Kim said...

Does the idea of ripping up carpet and cleaning hardwood floors excite you too? If so, I'll email ya our address.

Good luck ladies. I dipped my first stick of the cycle this morning. Negative.

Ahuva Batya said...

Do you do landscaping?
I will be hoping the best news from your U/S. And thank you so much for the call-out.

Heidi said...

Cleaning hardwood floors, yes.
Pulling up carpet?? Ick, that's a dirty job with a high risk of fingernail breaking (yes, I love my fingernails)

Hmmm landscaping. I have never thought of that. I suppose with a good set of gloves it could be lots of fun!! (but I hold no guarantees on if the plants live or not. I once turned a plastic plant brown...)

Anonymous said...

I have been there and been there and been there. Many are the times that I have wished that I had a small window do I could actually see this stuff happening! (although I guess that would also be kind of gross)