Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Update

So went last Thursday for repeat blood work to make sure that my numbers went down to 0. Of course they didn't. 8.9. Which isn't bad, but come on already. So I go back again this Thursday for another repeat. I have already threatened that vein, they better be down to 0.

Michelle and I also talked about testing. I'll be getting a packet any day in the mail now that will be filled with lap slips and instructions for their use. Some are fasting, some are not. Some must be done first thing in the morning, some should be done later in the day. Some require me to drop my pants, again. I don't care what I have to do, as long as there is an answer at the end waiting for me.

I have been joking with friends that I am going to pick up a crack pipe, put on my sluttiest outfit and start walking the streets. That guarantee's pregnancy within a week right?

1 comment:

JamieD said...

Yes, crack pipe does seem to ensure fertility. It's just not fair.