Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

We found out how much COBRA would be...ouch. About twice as much as I had guessed. Oh-well. It is important...and everyone needs it...yadda yadda yadda. We did come up with the fantastic plan to drop Jenn's medical (keeping her on vision and dental)which saves us roughly $500.00 a month. Have no fear, Jenn will not be uninsured. We signed her up for a simple little plan that includes pretty much everything that I have except for infertility coverage (she doesn't need that) and prenatal and maternity care (she won't ever need that!) So...we're basically back to where I had estimated us to be. I can breathe again.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day. Slept in a bit and then got up and went to Jenn's favorite lunch spot-Pizza Hut's lunch Buffet. She likes it, and she eats 2 platefuls of salad (if a salad can be defined as two pieces of lettuce covered in those chow mien noodles, cheese and ranch dressing) so I let her indulge once in awhile.

Then she took me to see Sex and the City. I must say I was rather disappointed. When the TV series ended I had written my own little happy fairy tale ending to the series. The movie did not follow my plot line at all. I mean, I did enjoy it, it was nice to see my friends again, but this will not be a dvd I'll be purchasing when it comes out. Now I just have to wait until November 21 to go the movies again! Wait, no I did promise to take Jenn to see the new Narnia movie (when she finishes the book!!) and Wanted...my goodness, that's a lot of movies in one year!

Tonight we'll be heading back over to the fields for another game of softball...it might be our last :(

(On the TTC front...I'm waiting for Aunt Florence to make her appearance...if she doesn't arrive by Thursday I am to call the Fertility Center and they'll drug her up and drag her out!)


Michelle said...

here from NCLM...isn't insurance fun!?! (NOT) Hope Aunt Flo makes her scheduled appearance :)

Kim said...

Hope af comes on time! We had to COBRA for a short time too! Not fun! NCLM

B said...

Yo chicklett! Looks like we're all going to be getting AF around teh same time. Let's hope this is the last cycle you and K have to endure..unless you want a sibling for the wee ones you produce.

starsgoblue said...

We did Cobra a few years back and it's expensive. NCLM

Heather Johnson said...

I'm dropping by for NaComLeavMo - Hi!

I read through several of your older posts ... I sincerely hope that your next cycle brings you good news and that it continues that way from then on.

Oh, and by the way, my version of salad sounds a WHOLE LOT like Jenn's!

Juicy said...

oh Auntie Flo, come out come out wherever you are! :) I hope you don't need the drugs and she comes to visit all on her own.

(here from NCLM)

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by the SATC movie as well. I was a bit angry that they missed a chance to do something really smart (illustrate through Charlotte that there are multiple ways of becoming a family/having children) and instead did something cliche and unrealistic (she gets pregnant at 40 (even though she is infertile) and has a completely healthy pregnancy. Blah!