Monday, July 28, 2008

Gettin' Our Pride On and a picture of half of our future child.

Saturday afternoon Jenn and I babysat Avery while Lyz went to a bridal shower, then the four of us hopped in the car and drove to Harrisburg for their Gay Pride. Yes, our area is way behind on the prides, in fact Allentown is having theirs in August. We're behind in lots okay, think about it, roughly half the population in this county doesn't even have electricity.

We had fun! Jenn got to talk to the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, they will be hiring soon, can you guess who will be filling out an application??? We also talked to an adoption agency. I get all teary when I think about adoption because I feel like that means I'm giving up on every having a full term pregnancy, but Jenn and I will be going to the information meeting to see what we can find out.

We watched a bit of the show they put on, it totally amazes my the costumes and so forth. We watched Mr. Harrisburg Pride (a woman dressed as a man) and were totally amazed! He did so well!

Avery showing her pride for her Aunties:

Jenn sitting on Lyz's lap while we stopped to nosh on yummy ice cream:

Today was our ultrasound to check on the eggies and see if their cooking up nicely. I was oh so nervous because I just haven't been feeling the twingies. I got even more nervous when a friend had her scan Friday and they found no follies. My lining was again 9mm, I'm keeping a good track record there. She found one on the right that measured 19.4 and I said "Ow". It hurt a little more than usual, so she headed over to the left finding two 18.9 and 19.2, plus a few around 15, and a bunch under 10. She said she wanted to check the right again and low and behold two more had unearthed themselves! 21.3 and 22.1. My doc prefers to have them over 20 before they trigger, so they only count those two as mature. I count 5 as mature since they will grow 1-2mm a day, making the smallest one be at least 20.9 come Wednesday when we do the IUI.

We did the trigger shot at 8pm tonight with me lying on the front seat of my car. We were at a baseball game and didn't want to not go just because of a shot. I will not stop living my life. I felt a little weird doing it, like there was an audience of something, but we got it done.

IUI will be at 9am on Wednesday. I plan on keeping our zen approach going as long as possible. I didn't take my temp each morning this cycle. I haven't peed on any ovulation sticks...I'm trying to worry as little as possible (I know that I will never be able to give up worrying completely)

For the's a picture of half of our future child: (the black spot between the x's)


JamieD said...

Woo-hoo!! Good luck Wednesday!!

Lizzie said...

Great follies!!!

B said...

I think your future kid has Jenns eyes. : )

Chris said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news on the egg front! You are an egg-making super star! I love that you posted a picture of your egg-- next time I will have to try to get one for myself! Good luck tomorrow-- I will be sending you very good vibes! Wear your socks!!

dakota said...

Trigger shot in the parking lot of a ballgame? We are the get it done women aren't we. Very impressive. Will be thinking of you and Jen tomorrow...