Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm just never happy am I?

So, for months you've heard me talk about the twinges. Those little tugs I feel so that I know my ovaries and the Clomid are working together to build good eggies. How I wonder if the eggies have been released because there might be a brief moment when I can't feel the twinges.

Well, this month isn't any different. I'm still all up in arms about the twinges. This time because of the total lack of twinges. No twinges. Sure, if I sit really still and concentrate really hard I can imagine I feel them. But just sitting here, not a darn thing. Last month by today I was almost in pain I felt them so much. This month, nada.

I'm not writing this post to complain, or even really to express my fears (I told you I'd find something else to stress about). I'm writing it in the hopes that once I hit "Publish Post" the twinges will show up, just to prove me wrong.

(I'm getting ready to hit the button....come on twinges, no whammy, stop)


Karen said...

I haven't yet started the TTC journey, but I can just imagine the feelings you describe, as I am already starting to doubt my own little eggies capabilities.. if I even have any.
Maybe the lack of Twinges is a good sign?
GOOD LUCK! I know we don't know eachother, but I am rooting for you!

vee said...

The power of the post! Did it work?

B said...

I tol you!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh as I read this, because you sound exactly like me! I do the same thing every month! Well, as you know by now, our bodies act differently every month (especially when they know we're watching). I'm sure all is well. Did you do your insem? Are we tww buddies again??