Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just once could this all go smoothly?? **Updated**

You know how I do my checklists, and how I like to have all my ducks aligned?? It's just not happening this month. Clomid is done and swallowed and over with yes, but the rest of it???

Trigger shot-The Fertility Drug Pharmacy at my insurance says that my insurance is expired. Yes, you're right. If you keep using my old number, it is going to come up expired. Please listen to me and use my new number. I need this shot in my hands on Monday. MONDAY people. It's not like I waited until yesterday to start messing with this, this mess started last week. First it was an illegible prescription, then it got sent to the Specialty Pharmacy, not the Fertility Pharmacy, now this expired insurance mess. Whatever. If I don't have it from them Monday, I'll just go pay full price at the pharmacy that loves me.

Swimmers. Now this is totally our fault. We had decided that we wanted to relook through the donor choices. Jenn isn't one million percent behind our current guy, likes him well enough to try with him, but wanted to look again and see if she liked someone better. Well this morning while I'm in the shower and it hits me we haven't done this yet. Um, what if I need the swimmers on Monday morning??? That means they have to be overnighted tonight!!!!!! Goodness gracious.

Guess I should have been a boy scout, then I'd be more prepared.

Both Trigger and Swimmers should arrive in their appropriate destinations tomorrow. Phew. Off to find something else to stress over :)


Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Oh my. Sorry for all the last minute drama you're having with babymaking plans. I forgot to have the swimmer's shipped ahead of time back in June, they got here, but yeah, at a much steeper price. Of course that was the month I didn't need them on that day anyway.

B said...

Giiirrrrrllll! You better get your bee hind in gear! P.S., could you fax me some of that blackberry pie? Kthanks!

Ahuva Batya said...

That's the last thing you need-- more stress that isn't of your making in the first place. I know it will all fall together, but honestly, you're right. Couldn't it be smooth?

JamieD said...

Ugh!! Stupid insurance company, anyway. I hope things start falling in place for you!!

Chris said...

Glad you got things worked out!

Anonymous said...

I hate dealing with all these details! If I hit the jackpot, I will get personal fertility secretaries for all of us! Then THEY can make all the calls, get harrassed by insurance reps, and give our credit card numbers to the sperm banks-- I'm glad everything is in place for Monday. I think we may be up for sunday/Monday insems here, so it looks like we'll be tww buddies again! Did you get your socks??

dakota said...

Hey Heidi
I agree with eggdance on this. It is pretty clear that one of us is going to have to win the lottery, start a fertility fund with membership, and then start distributing some perks.
Til then, hang in there friend.
Glad Monday is set for you.
p.s. for too many reasons to explain here, thanks for being my clicker.