Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A TTC update

While I haven't yet gotten my buns in gear to post our wonderful 4th of July (too busy playing Big Brain Academy) I thought I'd hop on here and update on how the two week wait is treating us.

That which makes me think I'm pregnant:

  • Crampies. It is the one thing that is different in my pregnant cycles, vs. non pregnant cycles. But as of yesterday, they have started to dissipate.

That which makes me think I'm not pregnant:

  • No beautiful temp rise.
  • I've been peeing on opk's and they aren't looking that great.
  • Just ain't feeling it.
Michelle was all weird at my appointment yesterday. She did ask me how I was doing emotionally. I had a VERY hard time Sunday at the farm. And I told Michelle as much. She offered both therapy and medication, reminding me that there are drug choices that are pregnancy safe. While I declined, it did break down my "I'm not taking any more drugs" wall a little. Stress is a big no-no while ttcing, so maybe I should start thinking about the drugs more.

Then after doing the ovary check she asked how I was feeling about this cycle. I told her about the crampies giving me hope. She smiled really big and said well keep thinking positive. As she handed me my clomid script she winked and said "And we hopefully won't be needing this!" I opened my mouth this time--Do you know something we don't? Her answer?? No (giggle) what would make you think that? She doesn't giggle. She isn't that type.

There are two current boats floating in the "Is Heidi pregnant" ocean. My boat (which holds only me, and Chris) in which we don't believe I am pregnant, and Jenn's boat (passengers include Lyz, Elissa, B, K and pretty much everyone else) who say "Heidi is pregnant until we prove she isn't" My boat is rather lonely as Chris doesn't talk much about such things!

Lyz and I are working on an invention to find out if you are pregnant 2.5 minutes post iui. We are going to be rich.


B said...

I'd like to be first in line to purchase THAT test! I hope you're all pregnant Heidi.

Chris said...

When is your beta? My fingers are crossed tight for you!

JamieD said...

If there is a pregnancy safe drug your doc recommends, go for it. I have always felt if there is a pill to make you not feel sad and anxious it is worth a shot.

And if you need an investor for your IUI plus same day pregnancy test, I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Um, sign me up for that fucking test for sure! Plus, I would much rather buy something from you than from that smug bitch on the First Response commercial (and why is she dressed for a garden party!?!)

I hope that all of the signs (and your appointment) point to very good news! You may not even need your lucky socks!!!

vee said...

I had cramps that disappeared a couple of days before I tested positive.

Oh and that test - you're going to make a mint. Are you selling shares?

I hope this is it for you guys.

mulberry said...

heidi... so glad to meet you - and in your 2ww at that. cool that you will be our 'clicker' for the stirrup queen's site. she is amazing. i am so sorry that blueberry and honeydew left you so early. i can see why you and jenn are stepping cautiously. as you saw on our post, my gal has lost 4 pregnancies along the way and it is hard to move forward some days. you are doing great! look forward to following along. oh, and to meeting another dork. dakota says i am not a dork, but i know the truth :) happy in my dorkiness. oh, one more thing... got to have that new test!!