Saturday, July 12, 2008

Have I ever mentioned my peeing on a stick obsession??

The sad thing is that isn't all of them.

Even sadder, none of them are positive. Wait, that one, alllll the way in the back, the little cassette style one from the dollar's positive. But I didn't pee on it. Jenn was feeling all out of the fun peeing loop so we decided to use a dollar store test since it was cheap, and let her pee on one. It came up positive. Don't trust those dollar store tests he he he. I had a very good laugh over that. Jenn somehow didn't think it was funny. I couldn't stop laughing!! (it is overly impossible that Jenn could be pregnant, lack of sperm, and lack of a properly working uterus.)

We are a bit upset. We had a really bad day yesterday, it was Blue's 6 month birthday after all. I didn't think it was going to bother me like it did. I woke up and felt actual chest pains. My heart is so very broken. I cried and Jenn cried and we held each other and cried. She then drugged me, called me off of work and we took care of each other the rest of the day.

There is always next month. It has just really been so long since we had a negative cycle (August/September 2007) that it is hard to believe we aren't pregnant. We just weren't meant to have a March 2009 baby I guess :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry-- I'm hoping that next month is it for both of us! This is just one more instance in which it would be great to live ner each other so we could both have some drinks!

Estee said...

Just stopping by to see what is up in your world. I was thinking of you today and I hope that you and Jenn are ok. It's so great that you have each other. You are able to comfort one another and that is an amazing thing. (((hugs)))

Estee said...

Ok, somewhere in my editing I edited out the wrong part of the sentence. :) The last sentence should read, You are able to comfort one another and that is an amazing thing to have.

There. Much better. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad day and month. I hope next month works for you! Hang in there.Thinking of you!

JamieD said...

I am so sorry about your negative.

Anniversaries and milestones are so hard . . . I always think I am doing better and then they hit me like a brick


tbean said...

I'm so sorry Heidi. Thinking of you and holding you in the light.

Anonymous said...

ttc sucks. not being pregnant sucks. doing this all over fucking sucks.

i could come in last place in wii race if you'd like. i think it will make you feel better.



Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Oh, those are a lot of pee sticks in that photo. I really hope this next month is IT for you.

j.k-c. said...

So sorry. (((hugs)))