Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yes, the 4th of July was awhile ago but I still wanna share our fun so :P

On the 4th of July Jenn and I had planned a boring evening of going out to dinner and a movie. But we got to have more fun than that. The Lititz fireworks extravaganza was canceled so Lyz, Chris, Avery and Joni came over for a Wii party and cookout. We had lots of fun and ate lots of food. They brought over a few small fireworks that we set off in the backyard. It was VERY humid so it almost seemed that we only set off smoke bombs!!

Lyz and Avery with a sparkler!

For the 5th of July we headed over to Elissa's house for another cookout and fireworks and we brought the Wii over (that Wii is a popular little toy!!) Elissa throws a darn good cookout. Jim gets lots of good (read illegal) fireworks so we also brought the police scanner so that if there was a firework complaint on us we could run and hide. We didn't need to worry as there were lots of other families around the neighborhood that were setting of good fireworks too!

Austin and Skyler playing MarioKart:

All the kids waiting for their sparklers to be lit:

Belle and her sparkler:

For the 6th of July we headed over to Chris's family;s farm where every year they have a HUGE pig roast and party complete with a band, and fireworks. It was our first time back in a few years and I didn't want to go at first. Once we got there I was so glad we went. I got to try goat for the first time. It didn't taste bad but it looked disgusting, and there were a bunch of live goats looking at me while I ate it and I felt really guilty for eating their friend.

Jenn had a blast playing with Lyz's sister Vanessa's two little ones, Bobby and Sophia. Bobby was sitting on her lap and asked Jenn if he could go home with her. This started a big emotional break for both of us. We were both crying, and some of those around us cried with us. We both just can't help but think that we are supposed to have a little one there celebrating with us. Someone was missing.

The firetrucks came (as a safety precaution for the fireworks) and let the kids get in the firetruck and look around. They brought little fire hats for all the kids. Jenn (my 33 year old child) climbed in the firetruck too, and was also given a hat!

Jenn and Bobby:

Jenn and Avery on the firetruck:

And then my camera battery died, and I didn't have a spare, so sad.

This past weekend we went to dinner and then putt-putt golfing and go karting with Lyz, Chris and Avery. Avery will be 3 at the end of October. I had happened to notice on the website that you couldn't ride the go-karts unless you were 4 so we lied about her age. Then we all panicked when they made her go stand near a pole to make sure she was tall enough. Thank goodness her father is wayyyy tall. She blew the height restriction by a good 4 inches!! She was a little small though when sitting in the car, and a lot of the pictures I got of her were just of her forehead over the dashboard.

Jenn and Avery's forehead in the go-kart:

Me putting (Jenn says there aren't enough pictures of me on the blog):

Yesterday Jenn got a new haircut. I won't say I don't like it, but it is different. I've looked at the same haircut for 13 years. It's weird to see it different. It is cute, it'll just take me a few days to get used to it! She is very excited. I don't have a good picture of it, but will take one and show it off soon.

I also got my period yesterday. We called the office and they scheduled my ultrasound for cycle day 14. That made me very nervous as historically I have been ovulating one day earlier each month. Michelle talked me down from my freak out and I will just have to trust her. Sadly, she will be on vacation again for my ultrasound and insemination. I really don't feel the love for Dr. F. Sigh. Jenn says that if we aren't pregnant this time, she isn't going to let Dr. F touch me anymore, as it will be all blamed on him. He he.


B said...

I'm with Jenn, if you're not knocked up this time it's definitely his fault. Loved the pics, and can't wait to see Jenns haircut. I got one too!!! When are we mario karting again? I'm going to warn you..Kirsten has gotten a lot better..she may beat all of us.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your pictures and I am very jealous about all the cookouts you got to go to! I'm hoping that this month is kinder to all of us and leaves us all pregnant (and with the lucky socks, it just HAS to work)!