Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pineapple, Egg McMuffins, my fears, and I'm a WINNER!!!

Pineapple and Egg McMuffins.
So...awhile back I read someones blog, don't ask me which one, that the only thing that was different about the cycle she got AND STAYED pregnant was the one where she ate pineapple 0-6dpo and an Egg McMuffin on 7dpo.

Last month I tried it, but failed a little. I missed one night of pineapple consumption, and failed to read the part where it said must be fresh pineapple, and I ate a fake Egg McMuffin. So this month I have done it right. And I have the awful sores on my lips and inside my mouth to prove that I have eaten my weight in pineapple (well not quite my weight, that would be a heck of a lot) and this morning I stopped at MickeyDee's for a real Egg McMuffin.

Which now leads to

My Fears.
I may be convinced that I am pregnant. I can't tell you what makes me think this, but I can tell you that if I am in fact NOT pregnant, I will be horribly crushed. Crushed more than any other negative cycle. Be warned.

I'm a WINNER!!!

The wonderful JamieD at The Therapist is In gave me a wonderful award and I must thank her!! (I have an acceptance speech too, but don't want to bore you all with it, you can catch me tomorrow morning at 6am practicing it again in my mirror if you are interested)

Here is my beautious award:

Part of the winnings given to me is the right to award this to others, seven others as a matter of fact. I read a gazillion blogs and must say it was very difficult to narrow this down to seven. But I've taken a crack at it:

1-TBean at Baby Steps. Her blog often inspires me to be more me. I know that may sound silly, but she says things I wish I could, shares things that I keep burrowed inside, and is just a wonderful comment giver to boot!

2-Gia at Patiently Awaiting "Hope" who has a story similar to mine, but a much more positive attitude.

3-Mulberry and Dakota at wildride43gals who are two wonderful women and I enjoy reading their words!!!

4-Travelher and Pufferfish at Puffer and the Baby Fish-I love to read of their many travels and hope their Baby Fish journey is their best one yet!

5-Giggleblue at Specific Destiny who I've been a quiet reader of, but still get so excited to read her updates!!

6-Lizzie at Two Chicks In Pursuit of a Babe, I can't wait to read your pursuits happy ending!!

7-Sara at the egg dance-Who gave me the most wonderful gift-socks, three of them, which caused a wonderful conversation between my legs at my last IUI. (And no, I don't think the socks were a bribe so that I would award her this)

If you want to pass along the Brilliante Award to some of your favorite blogs, here are the rules that go along with this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog


Gia said...

get the hell outta here!!!
I would lie to thank my mom, my dad...oh gosh i mean there are sooo many people i knwo i'm forgetting ( music starts to play)( now i'm being dragged off stage) and all my fans....I love you!
Thanks for bring a smile to my face today!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Aw, really, reeeaaaally? I'm having a Sally Field at the Oscar's moment (you like me, you really like me!).
This is so sweet! Thank you!!!!
I just bought a pineapple on the way home from IUI #1 and will put on my calendar for the McD's run at 7DPO.
I'm with you, if this one is a negative, I will be crushed.
So let's hope we are both a big super positive!!!

tbean said...

Heidi--thanks so much! It makes me really happy to know that my writing is really reaching others!

Fingers so tightly crossed for this cycle. Your happy ending is so long overdue.

Anonymous said...

YEA!!! I feel so popular right now (which is much different than I felt for my entire school career). I would like to thank you and cool socks and all the little pugs and . . . aw hell, thanks!!! You rock!!

Brina said...

I would just like to thank you for the comment on Steven's painting! =) I am jealous that I don't live closer to Lyz! But maybe I can meet you all when I come in October!!


Lizzie said...

hey you THANKS so much, so sweet!! i am on vacation with my sweetie's family, so can't figure out how to post the thingie on my blog, will when i get home, but wanted to say THANK YOU for making me feel so good. i hope the pineapple and egg mcmuffin did the trick!!!!!!

giggleblue said...

yeah, i'm late to the party! my internet service is spotty at this hotel... but ummm...

i would like to thank all the lesbian mothers of the world, and all those lesbians who are on their way to motherhood - may the trips be short and if they aren't, may you forget how long they were when you see those two beautiful lines!!!

i love you all! reading your blogs keep me going and inspired. one must never give up!

toasting to pineapples and egg mcmuffins. we love you dole and mickey d's...

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you. Thinking the stickiest fucking thoughts I can.

Go team pineapple. Does this mean the baby will be pineapple? I think it goes beautifully with the mingo theme!


Chris said...

Hoping the pineapple does the trick :-)

And longing for an Egg McMuffin.

JamieD said...

You are welcome!! It is well deserved!

mulberry said...

thank you for giving dakota and i (and wildride42gals) a shout out - and an AWARD - how totally cool! we are really loving going through this crazy time so totally enveloped in a community, that until our first posted comment, did not exist to us. i love how the same and completely different we all are.

...and i LOVE that you are in the pinepple zone my friend! i am thinking pregnant thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Hi (just found your blog on Mulberry's)and good luck! That is a whole lot of pineapple! But an egg McMuffin is a great reward for eating all that tropical fruit!!! Did you know that pineapples grow on stalks? I didn;t know that 'till I googled it. An important fact. Hope it helps... I will keep my fingers crossed for you!