Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Annabelle!!

Eight years old. How the heck did that happen?? Jenn and I discussed it on the way to the party, and we think the kids should have to ask our permission before they start getting all grown up and stuff.

From a very young age I started training Belle. Training her in what??? Well to be a flamingo lover of course!!! And all of my hard work paid off. Proof is in the icing:

Blowing out the candles:

Waiting for her turn to hit the pinata:

Belle's Birthday Wishlist:
  • Pony
  • Football
  • Remote Control Car
She's a bit of a tomboy, must come from having two older brothers.

We got her a football (of course Auntie Jenn got her a football!!!) and since we couldn't afford a pony, we got her a virtual pet horse game for her DS.


(the smile says it all)

The gap between our two major sets of friends is closing...Lyz and Avery were invited to the party (Chris had a golf tournament to attend). Jenn and Avery spent quite a bit of time swimming in the pool, again, no pictures, my camera hasn't gotten over its fear of water yet.

In the goodie bags there were sets of plastic fangs. My three favorite models showing off their new dentures:

(Avery, Belle's cousin Abbey, and Belle)

Slightly off subject, it's slowly becoming fall here. You wouldn't have known it yesterday, it was the hottest day yet of the year, but it really is. Jenn decorated our bay window with our fall decorations (she really wanted to put the Halloween stuff out, but the rule in my house is Halloween stuff comes out closer to my birthday). Anywho, long story short...they've been ruined. How you ask? See for yourself.

No? You can't figure it out, here I'll give you a close up.

That's a cat head there on the left. Silly cat. She moved the cornucopia out of her way, knocked over a couple of turkeys and pushed a bunch of plaster pumpkins off to the side, so that she could have her place as a baking cat in a window.


giggleblue said...

the birthday party looked like great fun!

Anonymous said...

My partner and I just recently found out that we are pregnant and I've been exploring the blogs... your story is fun to read!

A friend of ours created a cartoon that features a little boy who has
two moms (Buddy G- My Two Moms and Me). The DVD is quite cute and
their website is great- I've never seen anything like it...

Maybe you would be interested in it?