Sunday, September 14, 2008

More nonsense.

I kinda like when I don't post for a few days and then just pile it all into one, it is fun for me.

  • I had some kind of stomach problem this week which left me rolling around and moaning a lot. I self diagnosed many things over the course of four days. Appendicitis, gas, stomach flu, pregnancy, cysts, an ulcer or 12, OHSS, etc. Sometime yesterday the pain just up and disappeared. Now I've self diagnosed it as stress.
  • We went out to dinner with Lyz and Chris Friday night, they were childless, well, not counting the baby in the belly. Lyz and I spent the entire time talking about pregnancy, miscarriage and babies. Poor Chris and Jenn must have been like "dude, we were doing this dinner for adult conversation". Oh well.
  • After dinner we headed out to Lowe's to pick paint out for Avery's new room. (Dinosaurs in case you were interested with bright pink and brown paint...too cute)
  • Then we went to Jenn's favorite store, the Spirit store. Jenn likes Halloween just a little bit :).
  • Jenn stayed awake most of the night Friday chatting with our friend B about Ike. Thankfully B and K are fine (all be it in the dark without power and wind blown.) They even sent us their own video footage in the middle of the night. We panicked a bit in the wee hours of the morning after not hearing from them for an hour and a half...but they were just sleeping.
  • Yesterday I had a meltdown to put all meltdowns to shame. Poor Jenn.
  • Michigan lost again yesterday. Maybe that was the straw the broke the meltdowns back???
  • My period arrived this morning. Sigh. Yet again the pee sticks didn't lie even though I really wish they had. At one point during my pain I texted Lyz to see if maybe it was a bladder infection, and the high acidity of my urine was bleaching the 2nd line right out of my stick. (look for a post in the near future about the lies we tell ourselves and others)
  • Speaking of the sticks. We call evap lines "imaginary lines" Jenn gets very excited about imaginary lines. I let them get my hopes up that "maybe they aren't imaginary, maybe they are the beginnings of real lines". Stoopid imaginary lines.
  • Today we are heading out to Belle's birthday party. It is a luau. It is very hot outside. I texted Jenn this morning to bring an apple to the party. I'll stick it in my mouth and call myself the pig roast. (well, before we go to Belle's party we have to go out and buy her a gift, since my meltdown yesterday was during the time we had planned to go out shopping.)
Anywho, that's enough of my nonsense for the morning. There will be no clomid or swimmers this cycle. I'm going to call tomorrow and see about birth control pills so that my next cycle is soon and not 100 years from now. On to daily injections we go!! Fingers crossed that one of these next three tries works.......


Anonymous said...

fingers crossed...i'm hoping it's the first of the three that works!

tbean said...

sorry you have to move on to

Lizzie said...

oh, how i wish those pee sticks lied ... hugs, my friend.

sara said...

I'm so sorry that this didn't work - it can be such a terrible roller coaster. (And like you said - MI lost as well! I'm a fellow MI girl myself). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that there is many better things to come in the cycle ahead. I know how hard it can be to pick yourself up and move forward after each cycle plops - but hang in there...I'll keep you in my thoughts.