Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

Seriously. I live in Pennsylvania. At least once a year we get a hurricane rolling through. Isabelle was the ickiest, left the hotel without power for three days, the three busiest days in September. Thomas the Tank Engine was in town too, but the railroad tracks got damaged and let me tell you, a hotel full of screaming toddlers, with no electricity, is not the most fun place on earth.

Today it is pouring. There are three spots in the lobby where water is coming in. I have no idea how I am going to walk out to my car without getting whisked away by the river that is currently flowing through the parking lot. Jenn says our patio door is letting more water in than it is keeping out. Would you like me to keep going?? I could.

Seriously?? A hurricane, in Pennsylvania. Sigh. Whodathunkit.

***Edited to add--It's not really awful, just pouring rain and the occasional blast of bad wind. We are not evacuating, and are safe and sound at home watching Harry Potter!! Don't worry about us!!***


giggleblue said...

ewww! please try to stay dry. living in texas, we are too familiar with them. and the evacuations are just a big pain.

dakota said...

yikes! Is there an evacuation plan for your area? Or do you two have a personal plan to get to drier parts? Now I am worried about you both.
Storms are headed to our area too, but in our particular neighborhood there is nothing like what you are describing.
Please give an update when you have a chance.

dakota said...

Thanks for the update. Evacuation is definitely no fun. During my first time camping, we were unaware that a hurricane was predicated to come. The locals didn't believe the forecasts -- they said we would probably just have to endure a little rain. To our surprise, we ended up staying four our seven day vacation in a shelter that summer.
Glad all is well with you. Enjoy the movies.

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel when we have big rains in Massachusetts-- I mean, we have to deal with snow! Isn't that enough?! I'm so glad that you are safe and sound and watching good movies!