Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby Shower Day!!!!!

Today we threw Lyz a baby shower...a darn fun one if I do say so myself :)

Jenn and I had so much fun shopping for stuff and planning food and decorating! As usual we over bought food...could have fed twice as many people as we had. We did a butterfly theme. Lyz and Chris are not finding out the babies parts until it is we had to do something a little on the neutral side. Yes, butterflies are a bit towards the girl side (not that we really care about gender specific stuff but it is hard to do for a baby shower). But we tried to make the main color a limey green...which is on the top of the list of favorite colors for Lyz.

Lyz had only one request...that we remember her babies in heaven...

We ate cake:

We ate food:

We played games:
(pretend in your head that you see a picture with a bunch of ladies fighting over socks as they try to match them up! Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the games!)

We watched Lyz unwrap gifts:

We watched Chris model his new diaper bag:

And now I have to run because we have a guest spending the night. Can you say SLEEPOVER!!!

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