Monday, November 10, 2008

Mingo Monday

On the same trip to Florida that gave me my flamingo tattoo we went to the awesome Daytona Beach Flea Market...I heart that place.

Have I ever mentioned that I am terribly shy? Remind me someday to share with you the cotton candy story. I cannot talk to strangers. Jenn once joked that my parents did a wonderful job of instilling the "Don't Talk to Strangers" rule in me!!

Anywho, back to the flea market. There was this store. This store that I adored. This store full of the most wonderful and tack-ilicious stuff. You know everything is either made out of seashells or made to look like a seashell?? Bright colors everywhere to the point that sunglasses were required??

It was once I secured my sunglasses on my face that I saw him and his cousins. There in the corner of the store was a flock of flamingos carved from driftwood feeling stuff. I ran to him. And then my heart sank. He would cost me $45.00.

Part of the glory of my flamingo collection is that (not counting the tattoo) everything has been relatively inexpensive. $45.00 is not inexpensive. But I had to have the bird. Joni said, why don't you ask Mr. Shop Owner if he'll take less. Jenn and Lyz laughed. Heidi would never do such a thing.

For a flamingo, I'll do anything. I marched up to Mr. Shop Owner and said I have $25.00 for this here bird...and he took it...and I went home and named him Ponce de Leon the flamingo. (We hang out at Ponce de Leon Inlet Beach while in Florida)

Now....Since the above story occur ed, say about 4 years later, Ponce passed on. Jenn blames the cat. Says she was carrying a bag of kitty litter and the cat ran under her feet and she and the kitty litter fell into my darling Ponce, decapitating him. (Interestingly enough this story is very similar to the story of how her cell phone ended up in the toilet...hmmmm) I tried may different techniques of putting Ponce back together, but none worked. I just kept his head on with a rubber band, until eventually he just began to look a little too creepy. Two years ago while at the Flea Market we found another Ponce, and apparently flamingo prices are falling unlike the price of everything else in the world because I only paid $20.00 for the new one, who we have named Ponce de Leon II.

The hat is something my grandma made for me that I thought fit Ponce II perfectly.

Here is Avery standing next to Ponce II to give you an idea of Ponce's height.

Another funny story about Ponce is that to get him home he became my carry-on. I wrapped him in a hugantic pillowcase and carried him right on the plane. His head stuck out so I used it as the carrying handle. We were quite the sight I tell you. (why yes, this was prior to 9/11)

One more thing...My curse is spreading. Once you know me a little, and you know I heart are cursed to always think of me when you see them. Imagine my joy this morning when I sat down to read my blogs and Travelher and Pufferfish took pictures of flamingos just for me!!! Thanks girls!!! It really did make my day :)


tbean said...

Hope Ponce II brings you good luck tomorrow. Sorry the PIO shots suck so much.

JamieD said...

Hubby & I went on a road trip this weekend and drove through a town called Mingo. I thought of you!!

B said...

We saw flamingos at the Ren Fest yesterday and thought of you!! I like Ponce II. The hat definitely suits him.

The Milk Maid said...

I totally go to Ponce Inlet every freakin chance I get! OMG!!! Daytona is my second home - whooo!

Yes- B and I totally flipped over the flamingos and were yelling your name and everything. It was a little odd - heheh!