Sunday, November 23, 2008


**Warning...I just drank a cup of tea and haven't had caffeine in ages. My mind was allll over the place in the typing of this entry. Please forgive my jumpiness, but know that in real life, this is how I talk. It also doesn't help that I was writing this at work during a busy Sunday morning checkout!**

**In fact, this post got so out of control that I'm gonna be nice and give you cliff notes so you don't have to read the whole thing-I entered a cookie contest. And "they" are going to call the finalists tomorrow. I've placed a lot of eggs in this basket and am really hoping "they" call.**

Recently on my friend Estee's blog, I saw a recipe for Rolo cookies. Like my friend, as in I actually know Estee in real life. I grew up with her. Our momma's are best friends. I used to babysit Estee and her siblings. Yes, I haven't seen Estee since I left for college (or maybe the summer after), but I still consider her a friend.

I'll even show you a picture:

Me, Jennifer (not to be mistaken for my wife Jenn), and Estee. This picture must have been taken one of the last days before I left for Idaho. I believe we are in a bowling alley, I do not believe this is the same bowling alley day that I accidental stole bowling shoes though. This Jennifer and I were inseparable my senior year of high school and the summer after, and she even drove to see me in Idaho, and we spent that Thanksgiving together in Las Vegas with my Aunt Kari and then when we both came home from school we both moved in with my Aunt Kari. Stop rambling Heidi. Someday I will compose an entire entry about how much I love her and miss her and why won't she call me?????????? (see, I know she has the link to my blog....and maybe that guilt tripped her into calling me??)

Why am I rambling on about knowing Estee in real life? Because I'm shy. I have never met any of the bloggers I have "met" online. I almost met Kim and M but had no internet access and lost their phone number because I am a dork like that. There are tons and tons and tons of bloggers that I would love to meet...but I will never make the first move. I'm just so terribly shy. I found out that someone I met in blogland loves the same beach in Florida that Jenn and I frequent. I'm hoping that maybe someday we will get to meet up there...and that our mutual blog friends will come too. We'll be there in February...just so you know. Everyone is invited. Come sit with Jenn and I in our happy place!!

Oh, cookies. Yep, that is what I am supposed to be writing about. But, you need a little more back story first. I love to cook. I love cookbooks. I collect cookbooks. (One of the 47,000 things I collect) When Jenn went back to work I was excited to get back into the kitchen again. The first night I made Chicken Enchiladas (don't get too excited, we aren't talking fancy ones, we are talking ones that involve cream of chicken soup). Burned them to a crisp. I partially blame Dr. Mario as I was wrapped up in a thrilling game of it and forgot all about our yummy dinner in the oven. I flipped out. I bawled and cried and threw things and screamed and yelled and carried on like a big old baby. I felt like a failure. Now Jenn still ate it. She peeled off the top burned layer and ate the middle layer. She said it was delicious. I ate an apple. I love her for eating my food even when it is crappy.

The next day I got home from work as was starving as work lunch was crappy I chose not to eat it. I decided to whip myself up a grilled cheese sandwich. Guess what? I burned that too. But I redeemed myself by making a big old pot of chicken and dumplings on Thursday, and pierogies (I'm not in the mood to look up how to spell that right) and onions on Friday. Both of which were the best I've ever made.

Back in August I wrote about blaming the fact that I have never entered the local Fair's cookie contest is what makes me infertile. Yes, i still know that isn't true, but it has bothered me ever since. Do you think that meant that I entered the cookie contest this year? Nope.

Okay, now picture me sitting on the couch at Lyz and Chris's house one Monday afternoon reading their newspaper (which isn't something I normally do. 1-I never read the newspaper, I find it rather depressing, 2-I never read someone elses newspaper before they have. It just isn't nice) I turned the page and there in the bottom right hand corner was an invitation to enter in the newspapers holiday cookie contest. I thought to myself, I can do this. I can submit three recipes and hope that I get chosen.

And I followed through. I submitted my three favorite holiday cookie recipes. YumYums, Stained Glass Windows, and my Grandma's tomato soup cookies. The deadline to submit was Friday, and they are going to call the finalists tomorrow. I'm nervous. I really hope they call me. If they do then on December 3rd I take 2 dozen of my cookies to the local baseball stadium and they will be judged. That is a Wednesday and I sure hope that if I am a finalist they do it at night. If Jenn can't go I will cry. Jenn made me promise to continue to follow through. If I am a finalist, and it is during the daytime, then I will go. (Lyz....whatcha doing December 3rd?)

Oh, and none of those recipes is the Rolo cookies so what do Estee and her Rolo cookies have to do with it???

When we went to Chocolate World a few weeks ago I bought a case of Rolos. I was potty trained with the Rolo Method, and still love them to this day. I saw the case of Rolos and was so excited that I could bake the cookies!!

But, I haven't been in the cookie baking mood. Friday night at 9:30 I turned to Jenn and said "If it wasn't so late right now, I would totally go bake Rolo cookies." So we made plans to bake them together when I got home from work yesterday.

Jenn isn't feeling good so while she went to lay down I thought I would get the cookies going. Except I didn't have all the ingredients. I don't have any cocoa powder. Boo Hiss. Too lazy to go the store, and with Jenn not feeling good my cookies have been put off to another day.

Yep. Telling you that I didn't bake cookies yesterday just took me 1,174 words.


JamieD said...

Mmmmm . . . Rolo cookies . . .

They will be well worth the wait!!

Kim said...

Next time you're in town we MUST meet!

I get shy and red faced around people too so we'll be perfect together! :o)

IrishNYC said...

mmmmm rolos. You should make some Rolo cookies then come visit me.