Monday, November 24, 2008

Mingo Monday

For today's episode of Mingo Monday I present to you Minne's very own collection of Flamingos!!

Now I swear she owns more than four flamingos. I just couldn't seem to find them all. She must have hidden them somewhere upstairs.

Minne has an obsession with destuffing things. You will notice that the flamingo in the lower left has a hole in its stomach where Minne was so kind as to relieve her from her bloat.

What can I say, I have a problem. Whenever we are at the pet store and I see a flamingo I get all excited and Minne gets a new present.

At least she likes them too!


B said...

How cute. Minnie is beautiful, and has..errr..ummm...good taste in stuffed animals. : )

JamieD said...

Of course Minnie is a Mingo girl! Like mother like daughter . . .

Kim said...

Our 4 legged child, Mundy, unstuffs her "bobos" (long weiner dogs from petsmart) as soon as she gets them. :o)