Monday, November 3, 2008

Mingo Monday

Since I was oh, 14 or so, I wanted a tattoo. For the longest time I wanted a crescent moon and star--no real reason for it, one of those flash in the pan tattoo ideas.

As I got older the flamingos really began to take over my world. People all over the country can't see a flamingo without thinking of me. (thanks to message boards, I do actually know people all over the world.)

In August of 2001, Jenn, Lyz and I went to visit Lyz's mommy Joni who was living in Florida at the time. While we were there, someone, probably Jenn, mentioned we should all get tattoos together. Joni thought the idea was amazing...she was kinda in the middle of a rebirth of herself, and thought that getting a tattoo would be perfect for her "new" life.

So, off we went. Lyz got a lobster (cause He's Her Lobster!!! What, you weren't a loyal friends watcher like Lyz and I??) Joni chose a beautiful butterfly. Jenn settled on a ying-yang sun thing, and then later grew to love it and realized that it really was her.

I was the foot dragger. Me, who had wanted a tattoo for years. But, peer pressure got the best of me...also known as they made me go first so that I wouldn't (couldn't??) back out!

So...betcha can't guess what I got can you?? Yeppers, a pink flamingo. I hated it for months afterwords. Couldn't believe that I had a pink flamingo permanently inked into my skin. Over the course of the winter, my dear bird was always covered up, and I kinda forgot she was there. Come spring, and crops and skirts, she resurfaced, and I loved her. While she isn't the perfect flamingo I had envisioned when I signed up for the tattoo, she is me. She's a little crooked, fading in areas, and perfectly pink. I heart her.

Here's her picture...

...pardon the poor lighting, my flannel sheets in the background, and the slight stubble....she's on my right ankle, and well, it's winter, I'm not a daily shaver kinda girl in the winter.


N said...

That's the most important thing about tattoos -- not that they're perfect, but that they're perfect for *you*.

Mine actually happens to be a combined crescent moon and sun.

B said...

hmm, can't see the pic. I'm sure she's lovely though.

tbean said...

Lovely tat you've got there--what's er name?