Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please vote...and then tell me that progesterone shots don't hurt!!

Vote. I'm not all major political, and I am not going to express my political opinions here in the blog (although I'm sure you could figure them out on your own, or check the twitter lol). But vote. Just do it. Pick someone to vote for because you believe in them, and you think they will make our country a better place.

And...this morning I had my progesterone and ovary check. Passed the ovary check, doctor said nothing promising or negative. We came home I figured that was that.

Remember how excited I was to be done with shots? I've NEVER had a progesterone problem. Never. So, of course now I do. I have to go pick up my prescription for progesterone shots, and go tomorrow morning to get lessons for Jenn to shoot me in the rear.

Yipee. Tell me it doesn't hurt please. Even if you have to lie.

(ps, for the last two days I have been all gaggy and my boobs have been beyond sore. Here I've been blaming it on all the progesterone running through my system. Yet, I have low progesterone?? Weird.)


Chris said...

They don't hurt. At all.

But just in case you feel some mild discomfort be prepared with some ice and a heating pad and experiment with which feels better for you. And good luck!

One more week, huh? Yay!

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy shots in my butt, they feel like butterfly kisses ( does this make you fel better lol)


JamieD said...

Hmmmm . . . that is weird.

It's a good thing progesterone shots don't hurt AT ALL!!